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Why You Should Integrate Live-streaming into Your App in 2024

Mark Worachote
Mark Worachote
Solutions Engineer
Nov 9, 2023

Live-streaming has exploded in popularity over the last few years. All of the major social media platforms have invested heavily in live video broadcasting. As a mobile app developer, you may be wondering if you should add live-streaming capabilities as well. There are several compelling reasons why integrating livestreams can benefit your app and help boost engagement.

Livestreaming is a powerful way to create an interactive viewing experience

It enables creators to broadcast in real time to a global audience. Viewers feel a deeper connection when they can comment and participate in live broadcasts. As mobile apps increasingly embrace live video, now is the perfect time to consider integrating livestreams in your own app. Adding this feature can help differentiate your platform and attract new users.

Reach a Wider Audience

Integrating live video streaming into your mobile app can help you reach a larger user base. Broadcasting tools allow you to connect with your audience in real time through interactive live content. Apps like Facebook and Instagram have seen tremendous growth after launching live video capabilities. Adding this popular feature can help you attract new users organically by creating shareable, engaging live moments. The real-time interactivity provides a compelling reason for viewers to download and use your app.

Increase User Engagement

Live-streaming boosts user engagement through active participation. Viewers can comment, react, and ask questions in real-time during a live broadcast. This level of two-way engagement strengthens the relationship between creators and their audience. Apps with live-streaming functionality see users spending more time in-app viewing, interacting with, and creating live content. Increased time-in-app also improves metrics like session length, retention, and stickiness.

Monetization Opportunities

Live-streaming opens up new monetization models beyond advertising revenue. Viewer tips, virtual gifts, subscriptions, and other in-app purchases can become sources of incremental revenue. Apps like Twitch allow creators to monetize their channels through fan funding. Adding tipping or paid virtual content features provides additional revenue streams atop your current ad models. As you build your creator ecosystem, live-streaming monetization gives broadcasters an incentive to create more content.

Unique Content Experience

Users crave authenticity, and live content delivers raw, unedited moments. Viewers get to experience events and moments as they unfold in real-time. This includes gameplay streaming, behind-the-scenes footage, live performances, breaking news, and more. The uniqueness of live content differentiates it from pre-recorded, highly produced videos. Broadcasters can share true-to-life moments that feel fresh and exciting to viewers.

Lower Production Barrier

Livestreaming lowers the barrier for creating engaging video content. Anyone can go live using just their mobile device. You don’t need expensive recording equipment, editing skills or software. The simplicity allows everyday users to become broadcasters. This availability of streaming enables your app to grow an ecosystem of content creators and their audiences. More streams mean more content and activity within your platform.

Final Thoughts

In summary, integrating live video streaming can significantly benefit your mobile app. Live content provides an interactive way to boost engagement and grow your user base. Additional monetization opportunities give creators incentives to keep broadcasting. As live-streaming continues to rise in popularity, now is the perfect opportunity to add this feature and differentiate your app. Offering compelling live broadcasts can help create a thriving platform and community.

Luckily, nowadays there are livestream providers like Amity that allow you to elevate your application’s user experience by adding interactive and immersive features such as in-app Live Streaming and Live Commerce directly into your app. Amity offers SDKs for various platforms including iOS, Android, and React Native that make it easy to integrate robust live-streaming capabilities.

Amity Video SDK includes all the core functionality needed for low-latency live broadcasting and streaming. Amity handles the complexities of video encoding, optimization, and delivery at scale so you can focus on creating amazing viewer experiences. With Amity, you can quickly implement live-streaming and unlock new engagement, growth, and revenue opportunities.

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