Making online shopping feel real

Create hyper-personalized shopping experiences that increase brand loyalty and awareness.

Social, inspiring, and personalized shopping experience

Make online shopping more engaging

Let shoppers chat, review, and share their experiences in real-time. Establish a closer connection between your brand and your consumers.


Shoppers can react to messages, posts, and Comments.

Media Attachments

Shoppers can share photos, videos, files, and more.

Create a loyal and passionate community

Let shoppers connect with your brand and each other via your vibrant community.


Shoppers can explore, create, and join Groups based on their interests.

Official and private Groups

Shoppers can interact with you through Official or Private Groups, strengthening your brand awareness.

Show shoppers that you remember and appreciate them

Delight shoppers with personalized promotions and special offers tailored to their profile and based on their previous activity.


Shoppers can get all the groups' updates in their personalized Feeds.


Shoppers can have a space to express themselves and interact with their friends.

Start building social experiences with Amity Social Cloud SDKs


Ensuring a best-in-class learning

Create inspiring learning experiences that drive engagement and increase your app stickiness.

Let's talk

Interactive and engaging online learning experience

Make online learning feel real

Create an environment that feels social and allows learners to chat and collaborate while studying.


Learners can react to messages, posts, and comments.

Media attachments

Learners can share their project files, media, and more.

Create a loyal community

Let your users be a part of a platform-based community where they can find new friends with similar interests and passions. Engage your community through hyper-personalized recommendations.


Users can explore, create, and join Groups of their interest and build an in-app online community.


Users can get all their groups' updates in their personalized feed.

Inspire to create

Enrich your users' online community experience by letting them tell their stories most creatively and powerfully, at any time, and for any audience.

Customer Support Chat

Maximize customer satisfaction by providing reliable, in-app 24/7 support

Video on demand

Powered by our video SDK, users can upload and distribute videos to anyone in their community.


Users can broadcast a video for their fellows to watch in real-time.