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UI of the media entertainment platform with social and chat features showing a group page
User interface of the app with videos and live streams showing the explore page

How TrueID is building Thailand’s no.1 super app by becoming a community-led product

TrueID uses social and chat features to transform its media app into a lifestyle and entertainment hub and powers real-time interactions on streaming channels boosting engagement, retention, and monetization opportunities.

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Screenshot of a chatbot conversation UI of the Line Official Account community
Screenshot of a chatbot conversation user interface of the Line Official Account community

The FMCG Company building an engaged community of cooking enthusiasts

The Company uses Amity Bots to transform their Line (the top messaging App in Thailand) Official Account into a community for cooking enthusiasts (especially mums) so they can boost their customer engagement, their brand affinity, sell socially and collect valuable customer insights.

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User interface of the app
User interface of the app

80% of insurers in Thailand use Amity to create seamless digital experiences

Thailand insurance providers use Amity Social Cloud to move past an outdated system and guarantee an efficient and digital-first customer experience. By adding conversational and community interactions these companies save time and resources, allowing them to make the application process easier and the issue and claim services faster. This, in turn, creates greater engagement, trust, and most importantly, user satisfaction.

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Perxhealth revitalizes their health community by adding Amity Social

Australian company Perxhealth uses Amity Social Cloud to future-proof their health communities and allows patients to connect with each other and share their treatment journeys. By interacting with a larger group, users are more likely to stick with their goals and feel supported, thus increasing in-app engagement and retention.

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Subway franchises see a 98% adoption rate with Amity Chat and Social

Groups of Subway franchises across the UK use Amity Chat and Social to boost productivity and make employee communication flow easier on their internal platform. By creating a workplace that people love to be a part of, Subway is able to engage their employees and provide more efficient services to their customers.

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