Build video features faster with a video SDK

Elevate your application's user experience by adding interactive and immersive features such as in-app Live Streaming, Stories, and Live Commerce.

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Live Streaming

Broadcast anytime, anywhere with live video streaming

Amity Video SDK delivers a high-quality video stream so you can host immersive in-app live events and Broadcast Live Streaming to people from all over the world.

Live video stream with live chat that was build with a Video SDK
Video stories in an app
Short-Form Video

Capture & share every moment with short-form video content

Allow users to create short-form video content popularized by all the major social apps and share life’s best moments as they happen on your platform.

Live Commerce

Bring in-store magic to your online platform with live commerce

Integrate seamless e-commerce experiences during live streams to engage customers with real-time product demos and sell your items on the spot to your users.

A company selling products trough a live video in an app
Pre-built and customizable Video API features

Create immersive experiences with video

Explore all the pre-built and customizable video features you need to build immersive video experiences.

Amity Social Cloud

Reduce time to market

Integrate ready-to-use video features in days, that would otherwise take years to build in-house.

Fully customizable

Pick the features your users need and customize user interface elements to seamlessly integrate video in your app.


Amity Video SDK is available for iOS, Android and Web. Cross-platform is easily set up since they all work together.

Analytics & Moderation Panel

Easily moderate massive amounts of content with a sophisticated moderation system and role-based permissions.

Enterprise ready compliance

Protect users' privacy and data by adhering to strict regulatory standards such as ISO/IEC 27001:2013 and SOC2 Type II certifications and GDPR compliancy.


Our team provides 24/7 monitoring, incident management, maintenance and bug fixing along with regular releases of enhancements and new features!

Explore more social features

Amity Social Cloud enables you to quickly add white-label social features to your app or website with our ready-to-use SDKs and APIs.

User profiles and forums in an app
Profiles & Forums
Unite your community with user profiles and forums

Harness the power of communities within your app with Profiles and Forums, allowing users to engage with each another and share their thoughts.

Social feed with posts in an app
Deliver content that matter with personalized activity feeds

By adding Feeds to your app, your users can get relevant updates via algorithmically ranked content and express themselves with likes and comments.

Chat messaging in an app
Fuel user engagement with seriously powerful in-app chats 

Our in-app Chat SDK can help you develop the communication features your users need to connect and interact with each other anytime, anywhere.