Social & Communities

Give your community the tools they need to unite & engage

Communities need to be social to reach their full potential. Amity can help give your community the social features they need to deepen their digital engagement and interactions.

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Digital community with user generated content
of organizations agree
community is critical to the company’s mission and objectives
of consumers are more likely
to return to a lifestyle app that creates a strong online community
Feeds within different groups that users can follow

Create thriving spaces with groups & forums

Give your users topic-specific spaces to share their experiences, ask questions, and engage with your community. Display recommended and trending community groups to your users so they can explore and find new and interesting content.

  • Explore, Join, and Create Groups
  • Public and Private communities

Personalize experiences with activity feeds

Deliver high-value posts, articles, videos, and more to your audiences through Activity Feeds so they can stay up-to-date with algorithmically ranked content that is personalized to their specific interests within the community.

  • Activity Feeds, Timelines, and Profiles
  • Posts, Comments, and Reactions
Timeline with content and reactions
User interface of a group and 1-on-1 chat

Increase real-time engagement with chat

Communities need to communicate to function and thrive. Enable 1-on-1 and Group Chats to spark conversation anytime, anywhere. And you can easily preserve positivity on your platform with our powerful moderation tools.

  • Manual and Automatic Moderation
  • Administrators & Moderators
Key success metrics of Amity’s social & communities clients
Boost retention
More time spent in-app
Increase engagement
Increase in stickiness
Accelerate growth
More organic acquisition
Increase revenues
Average revenue per user
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