Level-up your app with community interactions

Amity Social Cloud can provide the powerful social features you need to engage your gaming community and stand out in today’s saturated app market.

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Woman playing a game whilst chatting with other players
of top 100 grossing games
on iOS include guilds (in-game communities that gather like-minded players together).
of users found friendship or love
through the chat function while gaming, making games a place for deep human relationships.
higher D30 retention rates
among users who engage with in-game activity feeds.
Live game play with live chat

Share high-value content with live video streaming

Livestream gaming is a massive opportunity to gain new followers, engage and retain audiences, and monetize gaming. Our Live Video Streaming with Live Chat Overlay can help you harness the power of your gaming community.

Live Video Streaming with Live Chat
Automatic and Manual Moderation

Create dynamic spaces with groups & forums

A big part of gaming is researching the best tactics, asking questions when you’re stuck, or even sharing your best in-game achievements. Our Groups and Forums are the perfect place to bring your community together in your own app.

Explore, Join, and Create Groups
Private and Public Groups
A digital community of gamers
A social feed with game content that gamers can interact with

Boost engagement & retention with feeds

Give your players even more reasons to use your app. Our customizable Feeds are the ideal space for your community to express themselves and stay up-to-date with algorithmically ranked content that caters to their specific gaming interests.

Activity Feeds, Timelines, and Profiles
Posts, Comments, and Reactions
Key success metrics of Amity’s gaming clients
Increase in user retention rates
Increase in user engagement
Rise in daily active usage of the platform
Boost of average revenue per user
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