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Maximize your digital community with expert consulting

Unlock the true potential of your community with Amity's consulting services. We help create thriving communities that generate real value and data-driven ROI.

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What we do

We have built communities with 100s of clients, from small businesses to large enterprises. With our years of experience, we are well equipped to make sure your community is a success. Our key focus areas include:

Launch & Adoption

Ensure a smooth launch, maximizing user activation.

Engagement & Retention

Deploy the right strategies to boost community interactions.


Learn how to generate revenue from your digital community.

Metrics & ROI

Track the right data to accurately express a quantitative ROI.

Community Design

Learn to design the best strategy for your in-app community.

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Package #1

Tailored Community

  • Community engagement & retention overview
  • High level engagement strategies
  • Tailored templates for initial launch strategy
  • Detailed calendar for recurring interactions after launch
  • Top tips for main community platforms
  • Best practices of in-app communities
How it works
Package #2

Tailored Community
Plan + Consultations

Limited-time offer!
  • Everything included in Package 1.
  • Two calls to work on your custom plan and strategize with our Community Consultants:
  • A preliminary 90 minute consultation to talk about your specific needs, business model, and strategy.
  • A second 90 minute consultation to review your tailored plan, answer questions, and guide on next steps.
How it works
Package #3

Enterprise Services

Book a call to build your custom plan
Are you an enterprise looking for help with your community strategy?

Our Community Consultants have worked with enterprise clients on all stages of the community lifecycle.
  • Regular consultations
  • Tailored plans and resources
  • Priority support with a dedicated Slack channel
  • Insights from your available community metrics
  • Community roadmap development
Schedule a call now to discuss your project scope and lets come up with a plan that works for you!

Monthly Consultation

If you've already purchased one of our packages, we have follow-up consultations available to help you track your progress and make necessary adjustments to your strategy.

Curious to learn more?

Check out our free community-building resources to get a taste of how to build a community and what you’ll get when you work with us.

Community Identity & Value Proposition

Are you curious about how to define your community? What’s the central focus, and how will it bring value? Use this simple worksheet to narrow down your ideas and clarify your community's purpose.


Community Pre-Launch Checklist

Before launching your community, be sure to read this essential checklist. It's quick and easy to follow, ensuring that you've covered all the necessary steps and are fully prepared for a successful launch.


What our customers say

“We have had a great collaboration till now with a demonstrated ability to deliver results, having a partner that cares about our success and is willing to invest time to ensure that we are going to reach our targets.”
Christos Rigas
Senior Product Manager
Christos Rigas
Senior Product Manager
“With such active support, we see them as a partner. Working alongside us they have helped us achieve 15% MoM growth in active members of our community with their engagement rate also growing at 30% on average.”

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