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Community is more critical for companies than ever before. The Amity Community Corner is anyone's go-to place to discover how to build a thriving digital community.

Community Resources

We’ve distilled our years of experience working with hundreds of brands that build successful communities into practical community-building resources. Let’s get started.

How to Establish Community Moderation

Managing a community boils down to a few essential principles: Education, Empowerment, and Enforcement. Dive into this convenient mini-guide to learn more about effective community moderation.


Member Personas Worksheet

Understanding your members is at the heart of building a strong community. Use this worksheet to gain valuable insights and develop a better understanding of your community members.


Community Identity & Value Proposition

Are you curious about how to define your community? What’s the central focus, and how will it bring value? Use this simple worksheet to narrow down your ideas and clarify your community's purpose.


Community Pre-Launch Checklist

Before launching your community, be sure to read this essential checklist. It's quick and easy to follow, ensuring that you've covered all the necessary steps and are fully prepared for a successful launch.


Community Framework

The Amity Social Cloud Community Building Framework is a comprehensive and constantly evolving guide for building and maintaining an online community.

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Community Blogs

The future of every successful company is community-led. The Amity Blog is your one-stop destination for building, growing, and monetizing your digital community.


The Community Revolution Podcast

Meaningful conversations around the power of communities, stories and wisdom of people successfully building them, and actionable advice to help anyone build their own.


Are you a community builder?

Amity clients get access to an exclusive Community Hub with additional statistics, best-case practices, personalized support from our community team, and a community of companies that you can learn from. Contact us to learn more.

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