On-demand Services

Elevate your app & diversify services with social features

Enhance your on-demand services with vital features like chat and messaging, or give your users even more reasons to use your app with interactive activity feeds, groups, and forums.

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increase in purchase frequency
increase in user transactions
increase in customer retention
Customized customer chat

Deliver the best customer support with live chat

Enabling users to contact delivery drivers, merchants, or customer support is critical in building trust for your business. Our ready-to-use Chat SDK helps you connect with customers anytime, anywhere to solve issues as they happen.

Temporary or Time-Based 1-1 Chat
Automatic and Manual Moderation

Send vital messages to all users with broadcasts

Easily reach your entire user base with important updates through Broadcast Chat Channels with Push Notifications. It’s the easiest way for your customers stay up-to-date on the latest announcements without ever leaving your app.

Broadcast Chat Channels
Push Notifications
A broadcast message sent to app users in the form of a push notification
Social media posts that app users can like and place comments

Share fresh content with custom activity feeds

Our customizable Feeds with algorithmically ranked content is a great way to give your users more reasons to use your app. Perfect for sharing important promotions, engaging articles, and even monetizable content like recommendations.

Activity Feeds and Timelines
Posts, Comments, and Reactions

Create sizzling spaces with groups & forums

Harness the power of your community by giving users a safe space to express themselves. Create Groups & Forums for specific topics or locations, and utilize user-generated content like reviews to increase your app engagement and retention.

Explore, Join, and Create Groups
Public and Private Groups
Grouped content within an app that users can follow by joining the group
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