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We’re building a product that revolutionizes the way people work around the world, so it’s only fair for us to practice what we preach. Our dynamic and collaborative working DNA makes Amity a place where you can learn, grow and have fun. We’re always seeking ambitious, passionate and community-driven candidates to join us.

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Our Culture and Values

We strive for your time at Amity to be much more than just ‘a job’, but rather a fulfilling growth experience where you can excel your skills and passions, create meaningful impact, and form strong workplace friendships.


To stay competitive and innovative in our marketplace, being open to new ideas and thinking out of the box for solutions is critical to supporting fast paced change. Through Broadcasts, All Hands meetings, polls and feedback surveys, Amity prioritizes transparent communication both up, down and sideways in the company.


With over 23 nationalities employed, a well balanced male: female leadership team and people from a wealth of employment backgrounds, Amity’s work environment is full of people diversity. This dynamic environment fosters a multicultural workspace that helps us to bring out the best in one another as departments work together as one Amity.


At Amity, we do not cap growth or potential. Show us what you can achieve, and we will ensure you flourish with the best tools and opportunities that will keep you engaged and positively challenged. As our CEO Korawad always says, “’if the company is to grow X times, each person should grow X times in parallel”.

We are hiring across locations including our Global HQ in Bangkok, London, Austin and Amsterdam


“Working at Amity is like exploring new things everyday. I have an opportunity to learn beyond my scope of knowledge and speciality; it’s an opportunity to expand and explore myself. I joined as a graduate, and I never thought I would have a chance to learn a wide array in business across different industries in such a short period of time.”

Pornpawee (Mai) Assawataevin
Customer Success Manager | Bangkok Office

“I am a Development Manager, that means I work closely with engineers. What is exciting about engineers in Amity is that they are so creative and really enjoy teamwork! It makes my job way easier. Another thing is that the feedback process in the company is built really well, I’ve never seen this before anywhere. When each team member knows that their opinion counts, it boosts overall motivation and helps us achieve more.”

Natalia Yurchenko
Development Manager | Bangkok Office

“I love the international vibe within Amity: we employ more than 23 nationalities and we’re spread over almost as many timezones. The fact that we have our own tool to support this makes everyone an expert in our product, no matter what your role is. I really believe that we couldn’t grow as fast on a global scale if we didn’t have our own product at hand for it.”

Xander Van Baarsen
Marketing Manager Europe | London Office