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Reasons to work with us

Visibility of your results and direct impact on the product

Work in a startup space, a fast-paced high growth environment

International team of professionals

Freedom to share your opinion

Lack of bureaucracy

Our core values

Treat everyone — from employees, to partners, to our customers — the same way we would treat a good friend.


We share people's feelings and experiences and put ourselves in their shoes to understand them better.


We value people's emotions, rights, and traditions regardless of their race, gender, or background.


We show kindness, compassion, and form amicable relationships to whoever we meet.


We help improve people's lives and go the extra mile to answer to their needs.

What we look for in our hires


We're built on the fundamental aspect of friendship and ‘freedom with responsibility’. While each of us are accountable for what we bring to the table, we rely on each other and always catch each other when we fall.

“My teammates are the most valuable part of my career at Amity - they inspire me, challenge me and support me through each part of the journey. I know I have people I can always count on.”

Customer Success Manager


Our biggest successes come from times of perseverance, bravery and enthusiasm to achieve our mission. Our mindset that it’s fine to fail fast, as long as you fail forward helps us to grow stronger as a team.

“Challenges are an expected occurrence when you’re trying to achieve something as impactful and ambitious as we are here at Amity, but that only makes you grow and learn even faster.”

Deputy Android Engineer Lead


We have a bias for action, but always remain grounded to a vision. We embrace the thrills of calculating uncharted territories and always evolve from our learnings.

“We are always exploring new ideas and trying new methods in our projects. It really feels like anything is possible: no question is a bad question, and value can be found in every suggestion.”

Development Manager


We value the importance of being excited and engaged in the work we do. We always look ahead to the future, preparing ourselves for the next milestone and how to get there.

“If I could describe working at Amity in one word, it would be ‘exciting’. There’s always something new to try or a new project to tackle. Combine that with a great culture of friendships and work becomes fun.”

Deputy Director of Engineering Management


Our greatest achievements stem from sharing ideas, giving feedback and planning proactively. With teammates from around the world, our unique strengths help us thrive together towards one common goal.

“Despite working across various offices and timezones, I’ve never felt distanced from my team or out of the loop. The collaboration within and across teams really sits at the backbone of all our achievements.”

Sales Development Representative

Our locations

Healthcare package

Flexible hours

Paid vacation

Travel benefits

Team outings, lunches, and bonding activities

Work in our gorgeous office in Bangkok, Thailand

And Thai masseuse in the office

Access 5 star rated Defaqto health and dental insurance with Vitality

The employer pension contribution

33 paid leave holidays a year

Flexi hours and monthly work from home allowances

Allowance for travel subsidy

Top location in the business heart of London

Healthcare package

Flexible Hours

Paid Vacation

Young and progressive international team

Have a direct impact on our product and growth as a team and company

Global training and development opportunities

Top location in the business heart of Amsterdam

Paid Vacation

Health package

Young and progressive international team

Have a direct impact on our product and growth as a team and company

Global training and development opportunities

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