Build in-app messaging faster with a chat SDK

Amity Chat is an easy-to-integrate solution that enables high-performing chat services in your app.

Chat SDK

Empower your users to connect

Effortlessly integrate messaging and connect your users. Use Amity Chat SDK to power your messaging services and increase real-time engagement in your web or mobile app.

Talk to Sales
Example of a chat conversation that was build with a Chat SDK

Let users engage as events happen

Our Chat SDK provides everything you need to add live chat capabilities to your app. We take care of the heavy lifting so that you can focus on creating a great user experience.

Talk to Sales
Live chat in an app with comments and reactions

Send important messages to all users

Amity Chat allows you to reach your entire user base with important updates such as announcements and promotions through broadcast chat channels.

Talk to Sales
Broadcast chat sending push notifications to app users

Everything you need from a feature rich chat SDK

With Amity Chat SDKs, you can get up and running quickly with all the features of a modern messaging platform. Plus, our API-based SDKs give you total control over your user experience and data.

User interface of reactions and emojis


Let users react using emojis, stickers, or thumbs up to messages sent during live chat events.

UI element of Rich Messages

Rich Messages

Handle multiple types of content — texts, images, audios, files, and custom messages.

User interface of messaging with the ability to tag users

Tag @users

Make sure your users don't lose each other in large community Group Chats.

Group chats profile pictures

Group Chats

Users can join Groups Chats to jump in on conversations based on their preferences, and stay updated with their topic of interest.

New message push notification

Push Notifications

Engage users by providing them with real-time alerts on new messages from their contacts.

UI element of editing and deleting messages

Edit/Delete Messages

Mistakes happen! Let users edit or delete their messages so they can convey the right messages.

Pre-built and customizable Chat API features

Keep users engaged with messaging features

Explore all the pre-built and customizable chat features you need to build engaging chat experiences.

Amity Chat

Reduce time to market

Integrate ready-to-use chat features in days, that would otherwise take years to build in-house.

Fully customizable

Pick the features your users need and customize user interface elements to seamlessly integrate chat in your app.


Amity Chat SDKs are available for iOS, Android and Web. Cross-platform is easily set up since they all work together.

Admin Panel and moderation

Easily moderate massive amounts of content with a sophisticated moderation system and role-based permissions.

Enterprise ready compliance

Protect users' privacy and data by adhering to strict regulatory standards such as ISO27001 certification and GDPR compliancy.


Our team provides 24/7 monitoring, incident management, maintenance and bug fixing along with regular releases of enhancements and new features!

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