All the messaging features your app needs

Chat essentials

The essential chat features to build engaging messaging experiences for users.

Chat message with emoticons


Allow users to react to messages.

Unread message count

Unread message count

Display the number of unread messages to bring users back into the chat.

App push notification

Push notifications

Notify users with push notifications when they receive messages or are mentioned in conversations.

Chat member using the mention hashtag to alert other members


Allow users to tag others in messages and chats.

Overview of all chat members in a chat room

Chat members list

Display list of members in a chat room.

Chat channels

Our instant messaging channels enable you to seamlessly implement different types of chat messaging capabilities into your applications.

Broadcast message being send


Broadcast channels only allow admin users to send messages, and users in the channel will be under read-only mode.

Private chat messaging


One-to-one private chats for users to message each other.

Chat rooms that users can join


Public chat rooms can be discovered by all users and admins.

Private group chat


Private group chat channels that can only be viewed by users that are invited.


Give users the possibility to express themselves in through different message formats to increase engagement.

Input text field to send a chat massage

Text messages

Allow users to send text messages.

Reply button underneath a message

Message replies

Allow users to reply to messages.

Button that users can use to record and send voice audio in their chat conversation

Audio messages

Allow users to send audio messages.

Button that users can use to send images in their chat conversation

Image messages

Allow users to send image messages.

Button that users can use to share files in their chat message

File messages

Allow users to share file messages.

Edit and delete buttons

Message edit/delete

Allow users to edit and delete already sent messages.

Tools to create custom posts

Custom messages

If text, image, audio, and file type messages are not enough, you can create your own custom post with whatever data you need for rendering.


Provide a positive and safe messaging experience with tools to moderate users and report content on your platform.

An example of a blocked word


Blocklisting is used to block certain words from being sent through Amity's Chat SDK.

Button to report another user

User flagging

Allow users to flag and unflag a channel user.

A limit of the amount of messages that can be send


Rate limiting a channel controls the speed of messages that is published to all concurrent clients in the channel.

Moderator setting to ban a user

Banning users from channel

When a user is banned in a channel, they are removed from a channel and no longer able to participate or observe messages in that channel.

Button to report a chat message

Message flagging

Allow users to flag and unflag a message.

Moderator setting to mute a user

Muting users

When a user is muted, they can not send messages in a channel.

A list with URLs that are allowed to share in the community

Allow List

Websites can be whitelisted so that links from only certain website domains can be shared.

Live chat filters out predefined words automatically

Profanity filters

Create a safe chat environment by automatically filtering out profanity within channels.

Security & infrastructure

Amity protects users' privacy and data by adhering to strict regulatory standards. Scale your product and business with the availability of global regions.


Amity Social Cloud is GDPR compliant.


Amity Social Cloud is ISO27001 certified.

Multiple AWS regions

Amity offers servers in the following locations: USA (North Virginia), Germany (Frankfurt), and Singapore.

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