Build chat in your app with Flutter Chat SDK

With Amity Chat Flutter SDK and API you have everything you need to build chat in your app with Dart, without the hassle of deploying and maintaining any server infrastructure.

Abstract visualization of Flutter Chat SDK
Abstract visualization of a Chat SDK

Easily add chat to your app with Chat SDK for Flutter

Accelerate development with pre-built Flutter chat features that you can easily customize to meet your app's unique requirements.

1-on-1 and Group Chats
Broadcast Chat Channels
Live Chat Overlay for live streams
Customizable open source social media UIKit

Compatible with every platform

Amity Social Cloud SDKs are available for iOS, Android and Web. Cross-platform is easily set up since they all work together.

Analytics and Moderation Panel for social media

Automatic & Manual Moderation tools

Easily moderate massive amounts of content with the moderation system and role-based permissions.

Globe with connections

Our Flutter Chat SDK is available on AWS Marketplace

Our partnership with Amazon Web Services ensures reliability, scalability, cost-effectiveness, and efficient implementation.

Documentation and resources

Use our Chat API and Chat SDK for Flutter to integrate chat functionality into your app. You can find all the necessary documentation, repositories, examples, and resources below.

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