Encourage engagement from users and third parties and create tight-knit communities

Groups are an excellent way to form tight-knit communities on different topics and encourage engagement. Users can join different groups based on their interests, share posts on the group feed, scroll through the groups, interact with others through comments and reactions or even share some of the posts to people outside of your platform. Groups can be official, unofficial, private or public and can be used for tons of purposes. 
You can form communities on topics that are relevant to your product to boost sales and time spent in-app, facilitate conversations on topics that matter or create a social product for like-minded individuals. You can choose to create all the groups yourself or allow for partner or user-generated groups. You can also choose to allow for users, partners, brands and influencers to moderate some of them, presenting you with new monetisation opportunities. Ultimately, any app can be transformed into a powerful social product with community groups.