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App monetization features

Drive revenue with embedded commerce and tailored campaigns

Integrate direct commerce into your platform, fostering an interactive and transactional social ecosystem.

Boost shopping by integrating commerce into social interactions, allowing users to discover and purchase within your community.

Chat commerce

Facilitate transactions within chat environments, allowing users to inquire about products, receive recommendations, and make purchases directly through messaging.

Live commerce

Combine live streaming with instant purchasing options to create an interactive shopping extravaganza.

Tipping & donations

Enable users to show their appreciation for content creators through tipping and donations directly on their profiles or posts.

Ticketed streams

Offer premium live content through ticketed streams, where users pay for access to exclusive events, performances, or interactions.

Unlock new revenue streams with sponsored partner placements

Partner with brands to leverage your community’s potential, enriching the user experience while boosting your revenue.

Sponsored Groups

Create win-win partnerships with sponsored groups

Lease spaces to partners with official groups, creating a new revenue stream and enriching your community with fresh content and added credibility.

  • Drive engagement with partner brands
  • Increase brand reputation with trusted partners
  • Enable partners to sell directly through groups
Sponsored Content

Enable partners to sponsor content

Generate revenue by offering sponsored native placements to your partners. Select partners that align with your audience to maximize revenue potential.

  • A variety of placement options
  • Native placements for optimal UX
  • Manage partner campaigns in the Amity Console

Make your community exclusive with in-app subscription models

Drive sustainable revenue and offer value through tailored subscription options.

Subscription tiers
Paid subscriptions

Make community a part of your subscription model

Include your community in the subscription tiers you offer to encourage user investment in your app's unique experiences and ensure a steady revenue stream.

Exclusive group with subscribe button
Subscriber only groups

Create subscriber-only areas in your community

Build exclusive spaces where subscribers can interact, share, and engage with content not available to the general audience, incentivizing others to join.

Leverage ads to tap into new revenue opportunities

Display native ads from integrated ad platforms, transforming impressions and engagement into revenue.

Ad network integration

Seamlessly integrate ads from Google AdMob and AdSense into your community to drive revenue without disrupting the user experience.

  • Easily connect your accounts
  • A variety of ad placement options
  • Native placements for optimal UX

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Amity goes beyond offering the complete suite of social features to include powerful tools to analyze, moderate, and monetize your in-app communities.

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