All the world's most popular apps have something in common: they are social

Humans are wired to connect. According to science, our need to socialize is as basic as our need to eat. The digital world is no exception. We want to interact, to express ourselves, share our passions and interests, and be part of engaged communities. This is why we love social products.

Build a product that users love

It’s no longer a secret, social+ products have a huge advantage over non-social ones. They help make your product memorable and stand out from the competition. This is why companies in every industry are adding social features to their apps and websites to make them more relevant for their users.

The best version of every product is social

No matter which industry you’re in, social features are what your product needs to grow.

Unlock new opportunities to engage, grow & monetize

The data is clear: the ROI of investing in building a digital community is undeniably positive. A thriving community will give users a reason to use your app more, resulting in increased engagement, organic growth, and monetization opportunities. As brand loyalty increases, users will become your biggest advocates.

Digital community
Boost retention
More time spent in-app
Increase engagement
Increase in stickiness
Accelerate growth
More organic acquisition
Increase revenues
Average revenue per user
App users engaging with each other

Create safe, positive & curated digital experiences

Take control of your relationship with your users by making your product the home for your community. Creating this positive space will ensure that your users can have the best experience possible on your app or website. And you can keep their data safe instead of giving it away to giant social media companies to take advantage of.

The 6 stages of your customer journey after social

Engagement & retention
Users feel engaged & love using your app
Time spent in-app
Users spend more time in the app
Frequency of use
Daily usage & app open rates increase
Users turn into loyal brand advocates
Transaction value
Transactions increase & diversify
Sense of belonging
Your community grows as users connect

Not convinced yet?

See how some of the world’s leading brands are leveraging Amity Social Cloud to build incredible products.

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