Health & Wellness

Inspire wellness through interactive experiences

Provide interactive and personalized wellness experiences for your health-conscious members through in-app social features that inspire, inform, and motivate.

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Social media features with health and wellness content
of consumers
are more likely to return to a lifestyle app that creates a strong online community.
of organizations
agree community is critical to the company’s mission and objectives.
Groups and forums with user generated content

Create healthy spaces with groups & forums

Health and wellness journeys are strengthened by researching and sharing experiences. Give your members the healthy support system they need with our groups and forums. Create a vibrant in-app digital community to enable peer-to-peer connections that boost organic engagement, app retention, and even revenues.

Explore, Create, and Join Groups
Public and Private Groups

Make a difference with personalized feeds

Make it easy for your members to find content that will make a difference in their wellness journey. Feeds deliver algorithmically ranked posts to help members stay up-to date with personalized recommendations. Members can explore, comment, react, and interact with each other as they reach their goals.

Activity Feeds, Timelines, and Profiles
Posts, Comments, and Reactions
Timeline with personalized content
User interface of group and 1-on-1 chat

Build connections & increase trust with chat

There are great benefits to your members connecting with each other, your brand, and even health and wellness experts. Our Chat and Messaging features can easily build these connections to help your users get the support they need when they need it  to reach their wellness goals.

Private 1-on-1 and Group Chats
Automatic and Manual Moderation
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