Build social features faster with a social SDK

Get in-app communities up and running using Amity Social SDKs. Enable plug-and-play social features and see preference-based groups thrive within your platform.

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Social SDK
Community platform in an app that was build with SDKs

Create a virtual community platform

Build lively communities where your users can engage with one another and post their ideas. Use Amity Social SDK to enable your communities to voice their thoughts in both public and private in-app groups.

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Activity Feeds in an app

Engage your users with personalized content

Use Amity Social SDK to aggregate all the posts from your user and their friends in one Newsfeed. Let them create engaging content and share it with others through comments and likes.

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User profiles in an app

Let your users express themselves

Let users promote themselves, connect with people, and build their reputation among their peers with Profiles.

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The most feature rich social SDK available

With Amity Social SDKs, you can get up and running quickly with all the features of an engaging social platform. Plus, our API-based SDKs give you total control over your user experience and data.

Comments & Reactions app feature

Comments & Reactions

Allow users to comment and react to posts or comments.

Push notifications to notify app users

Push notifications

Notify users with push notifications when there are social interactions on your platform.

Content search field which app users can use to search

Content search

Allow users to search for posts by text or hashtags.

Mentions app feature


Allow users to mention others in posts and comments.

Follow/unfollow app feature


Allows users to establish connections between one another by following and unfollowing each other.

Realtime events app feature

Realtime events

Updates and edits are reflected immediately to all users on your platform.

  • Explore and suggestions
  • Public communities
  • Private communities
  • Recommended communities
  • Trending communities
  • Community categories
  • User feeds
  • Community feeds
  • Global feeds
  • Custom post ranking
  • Network moderators
  • Community moderators
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Get started with Amity Social SDKs

Amity modules are ready to use — launch faster with a social SDK that provides all the building blocks you need to create world-class social experiences. Available for iOS, Android, Javascript, TypeScript, React Native, and Ionic.

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