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Unlock a new dimension of engagement and storytelling for your community with our versatile Stories.

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Why Stories?

Boost your app's growth and engagement with integrated stories, providing a space for expression and opportunities for targeted promotions.

Increase user engagement

With stories, every piece of content gets its moment in the spotlight, ensuring that your users never miss out on important updates or promotions.

Promotional in-app stories
Storie with comments

Drive sales with every click

Turn passive viewing into active buying by embedding direct product links in your stories. This seamless integration allows users to effortlessly swipe up and make purchases.

Stories tab

Enable experts to share knowledge and insights

Allow experts and influencers to share their knowledge, tips, and insights. This not only enriches your content offering but also strengthens credibility and trustworthiness.

Boost brand and partner visibility with promotions

Short-form content with Stories offers a dynamic way to spotlight brand and partner promotions.

3 examples of picture and video stories

Empower your stories with advanced features

All the features you need to create a top-notch Stories experience for your users and drive engagement.

Stories uikit

Figma Stories UI Kit

Download our Figma Stories UI Kit for iOS, Android and Web. Modify all components, colors, fonts, icons, and layouts with ease, ensuring the UI perfectly complements your app's style and functionality.

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Figma Stories UI Kit
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Why choose Amity Social Cloud

Amity Social Cloud enables you to quickly add white-label social features to your app or website with our ready-to-use SDKs and UIKit.

Customizable open source social media UIKit

More than just stories

Amity Social Cloud is your all-in-one platform for social engagement. From messaging and activity feeds to groups, stories and livestreaming, we offer the full suite of social features.

Available tools to build stories

Seamless integration

Available for both SDK and UIKit on iOS, Android, and React, Amity’s Stories can be effortlessly incorporated into your existing app framework, ensuring a smooth and cohesive user experience.

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