White-label Social Network UI Kit

Save time with our ready-to-use UI Kits

Our white-label social network UI kit includes user interfaces and components to seamlessly integrate social media features into applications, and can be fully customized to meet your app's unique requirements.

Open Source Social UI Kits

You can fork our UI Kit source code to gain complete control over the visual style of the social media features in your app. Customize targeted UX flows, specific views, and respond to user interactions to tailor the user experience specifically for your application.

iOS UI Kit

Amity Social Cloud provides all the building blocks you need to start building social network functionalities into your iOS app.

Android UI Kit

Our Social Network UI Kit for Android will empower you with pre-built UI components that offer endless customization options.

React UI Kit

All the customizable social features you need to build engaging social experiences while reducing the development time.

React Native UI Kit

Gain full control over the design and functionality of your in-app social features with our React Native UI Kit.

Flutter UI Kit

Integrate the most popular features from social media into your own Flutter app, without the need to start from scratch.

Sample Apps

View sample apps with social media features from Amity Social Cloud, designed for Flutter, React, React Native, and TypeScript.

White-label Figma social media UI Kit

Figma Social UI Kit

Download the white-label Figma social media UI Kit for iOS, Android and Web. Modify all components, colors, fonts, icons, and layouts with ease, ensuring the UI perfectly complements your app's style and functionality.

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