Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I reach out if I need support?

You can reach our teams through the following support channels:

  • Customer Support Email ( To report issues (bugs) regarding Amity Social Cloud SDK, UI Kit, and the Backend system.
  • Amity Social Cloud Q&A Community: To discuss the issues regarding implementation, adaptation, and also other technical inquiries, click here
  • Amity Idea portal: To raise and follow-up up feedback, feature request, and enhancement, click here

What additional fees do I need to be aware of?

Each plan comes with different access to features and might have different limitations or free quotas. Additional fees will apply once you exceed the limitations or free quota of your plan for video service minutes viewed, maximum concurrent connections, number of images analyzed by the Image Moderation system and file storage. Inactive users overcharge fees will apply if the number of inactive users exceeds 10x of your MAU.

What is image moderation?

Image Moderation is counted as the number of images uploaded by the users that is analyzed by the Image Moderation system. There are two types of image moderation - Bot Image Recognition and Social & Chat Image Moderation. 

How do you calculate the Max Group size?

Max Group Size is counted as the total number of users a group can contain. When you exceed maximum group size in your plan, all new channel join requests will be rejected.

How is File Storage calculated?

File Storage is counted as the total amount of storage used by an account. This includes all images, videos, live-video and other files uploaded within an application across all Amity Social Cloud modules. 

What are Concurrent Connections?

Concurrent Connections are counted as the highest number of concurrently connected devices to the Amity Social Cloud servers within a given month. Please note this counts devices, not users - if a user connects from two devices, this counts as 2 concurrent connections. This also includes when the users connect from a website and the tab is still open. We recommend connecting the user only when it is needed. 

How is MAU calculated?

Monthly Active Users: MAU is the number of unique users (with uniqueness defined by the user-ID) that connect to Amity Social Cloud servers through SDK or API to create or consume content within a monthly billing cycle. MAU number is based on per-user instead of per-device, meaning that a user with the same user-ID with multiple devices will be counted as 1 MAU.

What are Inactive Users?

Inactive users are the total number of users, with uniqueness defined by its user ID, created within the Amity Social Cloud account that does not establish any connection to any Amity Social Cloud network in the period of month MAU is being calculated. 

What do I receive with the Premium Enterprise Support?

Any client regardless of their tier can get Premium Enterprise Support for an additional fee. The plan is for clients who need faster and more consultative technical support which includes: 

  • 8 hours or less email response time on any integration issues.
  • Up to 8 hours of consultation per month with our support engineers on integration or architecture issues; including calls, in-person meetings (subject to local availability), and code reviews.
  • 24/7 access to support engineers via email on any production issues.
  • 1 hour or less email response time on critical production issues.

Enterprise support can be purchased at $2,000 per month.

How does Amity calculate video service minutes?

Video Service Minutes are calculated as the total number of minutes the viewers view on all videos within an Amity Social Cloud account - the minute views units are separated into 3 types depending on video resolution the viewer views at - SD (720p or less), HD (720p) and FHD (1080p) - and are charged at different rate. All minute-view charges are rounded up to the nearest minute. For example:

Account A: Created a live stream for 30 minutes, there are 700 viewers who view from start to the end in 480p resolution, with another 500 viewers joined at the 13-minute mark until the end in 720p resolution. Amity Video charges will be as followed:

SD Minute View: 700 viewers * 30 minute / view = 21,000 minute-views

HD Minute View: 500 viewers * 17 minute / view = 8,500 minute-views

SD Minute View Charge: $0.0014 / minute-view * 21,000 minute-views = $29.4

HD Minute View Charge: $0.0034 / minute-view * 8,500 minute-views = $28.9

Total Charge: $29.4 + $28.9 = $58.3

Please note that this example does not take into account any minute-views credit Account A may have. If Account A has any minute-views credit it will be deducted from the Minute-View before calculating the charge.

What is the difference between Basics, Advanced, and Max plans?

The Basics plan is designed to get you started quickly with the Amity Chat module. The Advanced Plan is designed to help you utilise all of Amity’s modules (Chat, Social, Bots and Video) to create fully immersive experiences in your applications and digital platforms. While the Max plan includes all features of the Advanced plan and is designed for companies that have large MAU, usage and can benefit from faster support times. 

Do you have any limits on the number of accounts or users hosted on your platform?

We do not have limitations on the number of accounts or users.

Can I export data in bulk?

We currently do not support bulk data exporting but are already looking at implementing it: (idea requested here : ).

However, you can read more on how to subscribe in all data and events in all data and events in as it happens via our real-time event integration system here

How fast is the platform’s loading time? Do you have metrics to support this?

Our average response time is around 200-300ms with an SLA (Service Level Agreement) of no more than three (3) seconds response time across all APIs.

Where do you store data?

We store data within the Amity Social Cloud database.

Can I integrate with third-party add-ons?

For UI Kit customization, you can customize it yourself using the source code provided. We can also help customize it for you. Contact us via to discuss your preferred implementation. 

However, these add-ons must have an open API that we can integrate with.

Is there video player support for sending/receiving and playing videos within Channel or conversation?

Amity Social Cloud API doesn’t support this feature yet. 

If you are interested in this feature, please drop the feedback or upvote here:

Where to find documentation, installation guide and update on product?

Here's our consolidated tech documentation:

Are we able to self-host Amity Social Cloud?

Currently, we do not provide options to let our clients self-host the service. We are hosting our service on the cloud.

Who owns the data?

Client is always the data controller, and we are the data processor.

Do we have AS2 encryption options?

Unfortunately, we did not support AS2 encryption at this moment.