Live & Sport Streaming

Captivate live audiences with immersive features

Sports is a social activity. Feeling a sense of community and interacting with other fans is a crucial part of the experience. Bring these essential features to your platform with Amity.

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Live video stream of a soccer game with live chat overlay
of sports fans
interact with fans, athletes, and clubs through social and messaging apps.
more than
of fans engage with a team in the next season if the year-round experience is good.
more spent
by fans who engage monthly during off-season.
Live chat during a video live stream

Generate buzz with live video streaming & chat

Amity Social Cloud empowers you to captivate your audience with our our essential Live Video Streaming with Live Chat Overlay that allows fans to interact with each other during games, in real-time, so they don’t miss out on any of the action.

Live Chat Overlay
Recording and Playback

Create active spaces with groups & forums

Let your members share their thoughts, ask questions, and discuss their favorite sports teams and matches with Groups & Forums. Keep these lively discussions in your own app to boost engagement, retention, and user experience.

Public and Private Groups
Automatic and Manual Moderation
A group that app users can follow
A feed with posts like mainstream social media

Make it personal with custom activity feeds

Our customizable Feeds are the perfect space for your community to express themselves and stay up-to-date on the latest sports news with algorithmically ranked content that caters to their individual interests.

Activity Feeds, Timelines, and Profiles
Posts, Comments, and Reactions
Key success metrics of Amity’s sports clients
Increase in organic user acquisition
Increase in user retention rates
Increase in app stickiness
increase in sales transactions
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