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Amity is the home of innovative digital solutions that help organizations, teams and individuals achieve more through the power of technology.

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Our core solutions

Our ecosystem of tools can be used independently or together to tackle your unique challenges.

The virtual workspace for remote teams to stay engaged, productive and connected.

The application development kit for building in-app community experiences.

The chatbot solution optimizing customer experiences for corporate platforms.

Amity as your digital partner

Amity is much more than a technology solutions provider. We take pride in being a digital partner that works hand-in-hand with you through the entire transformational journey.

Tailored approach

We know that when it comes to digitization, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Our products are built with flexibility and scalability in mind to best suit your specific needs.

Long-term vision

Our solutions focus on bringing a holistic and lasting impact to the people that use it. To ensure real results, we’re with you for the entire journey of your digital transformation.

Digitization experts

We’re on a mission to remove the intimidation of the digitization journey. Our teams are change management champions prepared to serve you regardless of the current stage of your technological setup.

Digitizing companies across all industries

“The powerful collaboration in the software also exists in Amity’s management culture, which works hand in hand with companies to build the best product for them.”

Tony Fernandes
Group CEO at AirAsia

“The speed of communications to my staff through Eko has saved me a lot of time - I would say in the 10s of hours a week”

Berian Burt-Jones
Operations Manager at Costa Coffee Soar Group

“Eko has revolutionized the way our employees communicate and collaborate across all departments. It is a fantastic application that is an integral part of our operations.”

Ashley Ely
General Manager at Leman Locke

”With Eko, we are sure that our guests are having a great experience — from the very first moment they check in. Eko guarantees that our staff react fast and professionally to all our guests needs.”

Markus Schneider
General Manager at U Sathorn Hotel

“Sending emails can be very slow and challenging if we want real-time responses. This is where Eko comes in as a great alternative communication channel.”

Maznuddin Zainuddin
Business Analyst Manager at Telekom Malaysia

“Eko is the single most important tool that helped  to digitize our organization and the way we do business.”

Adipat Chaichanasakul
Director of HR Development & Innovation at True

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