Amity Social Cloud powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Amity powers online communities with Amity Social Cloud, an SDK toolkit that allows companies to implement social features into their platforms.

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Amity Social Cloud

Features such as Chat, Profiles, Forums, Feeds, Video Stories are used for specific purposes and are aligned with the unique needs of a client. Amity is able to solve clients’ biggest challenges – turning users into loyal brand ambassadors and getting them to access the app on a regular basis by interacting with immersive and community-led social solutions.

Amity Chat SDK

Amity Chat SDK is an easy-to-integrate solution that enables high-performing chat services on apps and websites. Built with messaging service Chat APIs and powered by our Chat SDK, this feature can range from one-on-one to large-scale chat messaging.

Amity Social SDK

Amity Social SDK comprises ready-to-use social features using supercharged social APIs enabling preference-based groups thrive within your platform.

Amity Video SDK

The Amity Video SDK, powered by video APIs, elevates applications’ user experiences by adding interactive features such as in-app Stories and Live Streaming. Users can engage and participate in captivating, memorable virtual events with other viewers from around the world.

Amity Social Cloud SDKs
Amity collaboration with AWS
Amity Social Cloud architecture overview

Amity Collaboration with AWS

Built on AWS from its inception, Amity has access to an unmatched portfolio of cloud capabilities that allows for quick deployment of new features and services in response to customer feedback.

Using AWS services such as Lambda and Amazon Personalize, which offer scalability, cost-effectiveness, and efficient implementation of user experiences, Amity is able to partner with hundreds of large enterprises and fast growing companies throughout Asia, Europe, and North America such as Air Asia, TrueID, Subway, and Unilever. By offering unique social experiences and community building opportunities, Amity is able to boost customer engagement and retention, leading to new monetization opportunities.

Powering social experiences for 20M+ end users

Main benefits

Increased growth. Since Amity has always wanted to be cloud native from day 1, AWS’s cloud software enables opportunities to implement new capabilities and expand SaaS reach without having to rely on traditional IT procurement. In a fast-growing company like Amity, AWS acts as the perfect partner in earning new clients and improving services for customers.

Scalable. With AWS cloud computing, Amity is able to use its resources at any point while adjusting to different levels of work flow. Because AWS services operate on a pay-as-you-go basis, Amity can provision the amount of resources needed and only pay for what is used. This auto scaling feature saves time and resources so that new technologies can be implemented easily.

Agility. Because AWS is so efficient, new technologies and features can be innovated faster and within a matter of minutes. Amity has the freedom to explore and experiment new ideas while transforming its business strategy.

Cost savings. Since Amity only pays for what it uses with AWS’s cloud software, the company is able to rise above the competition and provide the most cost-effective SaaS services.

Global reach. With AWS technologies being available all over the world, Amity is able to scale up anywhere and deploy applications in multiple physical locations with a few simple clicks. Having the freedom to expand in any direction decreases latency and improves software performance.

By leveraging advanced AWS capabilities like machine learning services to continually innovate new products, we can quickly develop new features and constantly improve our platform based on what customers want.

Korawad Chearavanont, CEO of Amity
Korawad Chearavanont, CEO of Amity

Case Study


TrueID wanted engagement around their curated content to make their product offering extremely sticky, but in a saturated market like the media sector, they were missing a unique competitive advantage that would make their product stand out.


TrueID integrated Amity’s Social and Chat SDKs by allowing their viewers to chat on live streams and connect with each other and the greater community through Feeds, Timelines, and Groups.


TrueID already sees notable results, such as increased frequency of use, word of mouth acquisition, engagement, and retention growth. Up to 3.85 million users utilize social and chat features per month, sending up to 700,000 messages and reactions.

Being built on AWS gave us the agility to quickly transform Amity into a comprehensive social engagement platform that helps companies better engage their employees and end-users around the world.

Korawad Chearavanont, CEO of Amity
Korawad Chearavanont, CEO of Amity