All the social features your app needs

Social essentials

The essentials to building engaging social experiences that easily integrate into your app or digital platform.

Chat message with emoticons


Allow users to react to posts or comments.

App push notification

Push notifications

Notify users with push notifications when there are social interactions on your platform.

Chat member using the mention hashtag to alert other members


Allow users to tag others in posts and comments.

A social media post that was posted just now

Realtime events

Updates and edits are reflected immediately to all users on your platform.

Different ways of showing multiple communities

Explore and suggestions

Display recommended, trending and categories of community groups to your users.

Input field to search content

Content search

Allow users to search for social media posts by text or hashtags.

User profiles

Allow users to express themselves with their own profiles and interact with others.

Variable number showing the amount of followers that a user profile has

Follow count

Display the follower count of a user.

Button to edit your user profile

Edit profile

Allow users to update information related to their profile such as display name, avatar, profile description, etc.

User profile with picture

Profile avatar

Display an avatar associated with this user.

A search field that can be used to find any users by searching their name

Search users

Allow users to search for any particular user using their display name.

Variable number showing the amount of post that a user has posted on their profile

Post count

Display the number of posts from a user.

An overview of the moderation role of users inside a community

User roles

Display a list of user's roles, such as admin or moderator.

Buttons to follow or unfollow a social account


Allow users to see a list of the following users (users who the target user has been following) and the follower users (users who follow the target user).


Build and nurture vibrant community groups where users can exchange ideas and connect.

Button that a user can use to join the group

Join community

Allow users to join the communities of their interest within your app.

Input fields that users have to fill in to create a group

Create community

Allow users to create their own community groups within your app.

Button that a user can use to leave the group

Leave community

Allow users to leave the communities within your app.

Option to set the group publicly

Public communities

Make community groups accessible for all users, anyone can see who's in the group and what they post.

Option to set the group to private

Private communities

Make community groups accessible only for certain users, only accepted members can see who's in the group and what they post.

Overview of members and moderators

Community members list

Allow users to view the other members and moderators within a community.

An overview of trending app communities

Trending communities

Display the top trending communities to your users.

An overview of app communities that are recommended to the users

Recommended communities

Display a list of recommended communities to your users.

Overview of community categories

Community categories

Manage community categories so users can easily find the communities of their interest.

Activity feeds

Feeds are a great way for users to get relevant updates, communicate and express themselves via algorithmically ranked content.

Social media feed

Global feed

An aggregate of both user and group feeds.


Feed pagination

Whether you're querying a user, group, or global feed, a maximum of 20 posts will be returned at a time.

Social media feed

Group feed

A collection of posts from members of the group or community.

Post ranking algorithm

Custom post ranking

Define your post ranking algorithm based on engagement rates and time of posting.

Social media feed

User feed

A collection of posts for a user's timeline.

Posts & comments

Increase user engagement by allowing user-generated content through multiple social media post types and the possibility to comment and discuss any content on your platform.

Video post

Video posts

Allow users to create video posts.

Buttons for editing or deleting a post

Post edit/delete

Allow users to edit and delete posts.

File post

File posts

Allow users to create file posts.

Poll post

Poll posts

Allow users to create engaging poll posts with pre-defined answers.

Share button

Post sharing

Allow users to share posts internally on the platform and externally to other platforms.

Image post

Image posts

Allow users to create single image and gallery image posts. Image posts can have maximum ten images.

Threaded chat comments

Threaded comments

Allow users to reply to other comments inline/nested which encourages better discussion and responses.

Delete button

Soft delete content

The content is only marked as deleted. This means that the content still exists in the database.

Delete button

Hard delete content

The content data, along with its reactions, comments and replies, are removed from the database.

Text post

Text posts

Allow users to create text posts.

Tools to create a custom post

Custom posts

If text, image, video, and file type posts are not enough, you can create your own custom post with whatever data you need for rendering.

Livestream post

Livestream posts

Allow users to create livestream video posts.

Buttons for editing or deleting a comment

Comment edit/delete

Allow users to edit and delete comments.


Provide a positive and safe social experience with tools to moderate users and report content on your platform.

A list with URLs that are allowed to share in the community

Allow list

Websites can be whitelisted so that links from only certain website domains can be shared.

Option to report an inappropriate comment

Flag comments

Allow your users to flag inappropriate comments.

Option to report an inappropriate post

Flag posts

Allow your users to flag inappropriate posts.

Network moderators

Network moderators

Network moderators can moderate all posts, comments, and users in all communities across the entire network.

Input field to add banned words


Blocklisting is used to block certain words from being sent in Amity Social SDKs.

Group moderators

Community moderators

Community moderators can moderate all posts, comments, and users in within a community.

Setting for moderators to change a user role

Change user roles

Admins can promote and demote a user's role in a community.

Toggle switch to enable or disable the review setting

Post review

Allow community owners to decide whether a post should reflect on the feed.

Option for moderators to create a user role

Create user roles

Create new user roles with customized permissions.

Security & infrastructure

Amity protects users' privacy and data by adhering to strict regulatory standards. Scale your product and business with the availability of global regions.


Amity Social Cloud is GDPR compliant.


Amity Social Cloud is ISO27001 certified.

Multiple AWS regions

Amity offers servers in the following locations: USA (North Virginia), Germany (Frankfurt), and Singapore.

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