Perxhealth + Amity

Perxhealth revitalizes their health community by adding Amity Social

Australian company Perxhealth uses Amity Social Cloud to future-proof their health communities and allows patients to connect with each other and share their treatment journeys. By interacting with a larger group, users are more likely to stick with their goals and feel supported, thus increasing in-app engagement and retention.

<text-size-medium>Perxhealth is known for its chronic condition management program that tracks treatment milestones and health tasks while providing a motivational community for everyone to share their treatment journey and develop more sustainable lifestyle habits. Users also earn monetary rewards through gift cards for completing their health tasks as needed.<text-size-medium>

Offering support beyond the program 

Dealing with a chronic health condition is not easy and Perxhealth knew this from day one when setting up their strategy. Aside from their program developed to help patients keep track of their habits, the company urgently required a future-proof solution that would create further engagement and help people share and find comfort with others in a similar situation. Because their discussion forums on Android and iOS apps had limited features, Perxhealth wanted to focus on adding value through communities so that more people could join in and feel supported in their own journeys. 

Cultivating better health through communities

Given this challenge, Perxhealth saw the opportunity to partner with Amity to create their own patient communities by adding Social features into their app, making their platform a friendly space for patients.

By taking advantage of the company’s gamification system, users could use Feeds to share their struggles with the greater community. For example, patients dealing with a certain condition could post updates about their health while others could react by sending likes and comments. They could even share recipes, nutritional advice, and other interesting health topics! Because of this opportunity, patients were more at ease and didn’t feel like they were going through their condition alone. Already, this implementation increased the company’s in-app engagement and motivated patients to stay strong and keep on top of their daily tasks. 

Since Perxhealth already had a reward system in place (e.g. gift cards), the company customized their own gamification so that patients could share their achievements in the Feed and encourage others to be resilient in their journeys. Having something that patients could look forward to was a pivotal part of the company’s success in creating better engagement and making sure that people felt more at ease.

Sharing the love for pets and healing

In integrating community features into their platform, Amity helped Perxhealth give to their patients even more by running a fun campaign: “Share a picture of your pet.” Users could share a picture of their dog or any other animal that had a unique connection to them in the Feed and describe how much these animals meant to them. Being able to involve something as special as a pet to the community saw many patients interacting on the platform and enjoying their time reaching out to others who were sharing similar experiences.

Moving towards a community-led health journey

Having just started growing their in-app community, Perxhealth is looking towards the future to be able to help their customers feel more connected and content with their situation. Other social features provided by Amity such as Chats, Videos, and Groups will act as the main driving force behind patients’ well-being and their ability to interact with others to get the most support throughout their health journey. The future is social and Amity is looking forward to providing companies such as Perxhealth with all the resources so that patients can feel encouraged to focus on their health and become active brand supporters!

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