DietDoctor + Amity

DietDoctor empowers its customers and creates an engaged health community with Amity Social

DietDoctor uses Amity Social to engage its customers and create a health community for users to discuss their diet and nutrition goals and share their success stories with others. By providing a safe space for people to share their health journeys, the company benefits from greater customer engagement and retention.

<text-size-medium>DietDoctor is the world's leading low carb and keto site aiming to provide unbiased and evidence-based health information to empower people and their health. The company was founded in 2007 by Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt and now has more than 75,000 paying members from around the world.<text-size-medium>

Offering support and empowerment beyond the recipes

Regaining health in an unhealthy world requires thinking and acting differently. As a company that focuses on empowering people to be healthy and live their best lives, DietDoctor wanted to push the envelope and make sure that their customers were taking full advantage of their products. Therefore, they wanted a solution that would introduce the value of communities so that more people could join in and feel supported to share their stories in a safe space.

Creating informed health communities 

Given this challenge, DietDoctor saw the opportunity to partner with Amity to create their own communities by adding social features into their platform.

With Amity Social, DietDoctor created a community labeled as “Connect” that comprised different Groups for users to explore and discuss key topics. There were six of these Groups in total – the first one was known as “Connect Central,” a place where administrators and moderators could post helpful information such as dietary tips and advice. The second was used to inform users of the latest news from the DietDoctor team, including evidence-based guides, videos, recipes, meal plans, and podcast episodes. The third was used so that users could discuss more about low carb and the lifestyle associated with this diet. The fourth group was implemented so that customers could ask questions, get support, and share and discuss topics related to the Keto diet. The fifth was a group called “High Protein,” created to discuss the power of protein while also giving people the opportunity to share their own high protein meals.

Finally, the sixth group was called “Dear Docs,” a space where users could post health-related questions to the team of doctors at the company, prompting these medical professionals to respond to the queries throughout the week. Creating these communities made sure that everyone was engaging with the platform and getting the right information to make informed decisions about their health, lifestyle, and diet. Users could also be more aware of how to structure their health goals and connect to others who were doing the same.

Expressing the love for a healthy diet

DietDoctor decided to take things a step further by implementing a Global Feed made of posts from all joined communities. Users could publish text and image posts, as well as like and comment on other posts from different members. This feed also allowed users to save posts for future reference and required that they agree to a “Rules and Expectations” page so that the community could benefit from a more positive and welcoming environment. These changes allowed customers to express themselves, reach out to others who were going through similar situations, and feel supported to further develop their health and diet goals.

Inspiring people through dietary communities 

Having just started growing their in-app community, DietDoctor is looking towards the future to be able to help their customers feel more connected and content with their situation. Other social features provided by Amity such as Chats, Videos, and Bots will act as the main driving force behind users’ well-being and their ability to interact with others to get the most support throughout their health and dietary journey. The future is social and Amity is looking forward to providing companies such as DietDoctor with all the resources so that patients can feel encouraged to focus on their health and become active brand supporters!