All the video features your app needs

Video essentials

The essentials to building immersive video experiences that easily integrates into your app or website.

Broadcast livestream

Let users go live anytime, from anywhere.


Coming soon. Allow users to post immersive full screen video and image stories.

Amity video player

A basic RTMP player to support live video functionality.

Recording and playback

Live streams are recorded and saved as files after a session ends.

Push notifications

Notify users with push notifications when they receive messages or are mentioned in conversations.

Security & infrastructure

Amity protects users' privacy and data by adhering to strict regulatory standards. Scale your product and business with the availability of global regions.


Amity Social Cloud is GDPR compliant.


Amity Social Cloud is ISO27001 certified.

Multiple AWS regions

Amity offers servers in the following locations: USA (North Virginia), Germany (Frankfurt), and Singapore.

Get started with Amity Video SDKs

Amity modules are ready to use — launch faster with a video SDK that provides all the building blocks you need to create immersive video experiences. Available for iOS, Android, Javascript, TypeScript, and React Native.

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Launch faster with Amity Video SDKs

With Amity Video SDKs, you have everything you need to build interactive and immersive video features, such as live streaming, stories, and live commerce.

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