GetSocial to Amity migration tool

How to migrate data from GetSocial to Amity Social Cloud with Amity's migration tool

Italo Orihuela
Italo Orihuela
Jul 27, 2023

GetSocial was discontinued as of October 1, 2023. With over 10 million app installs and having facilitated over 500 million social interactions between users, it is important to understand the impact this will have on existing users and how they should deal with it in the best possible way.

This situation has brought data migration into awareness, which can also be connected to the Reddit incident of some weeks ago, where once you find a change of conditions or the discontinuation of your provider, you find in a quest against the clock to extract your whole communities and migrate them to a new provider. Moreover, these two cases have shown the need to look for options that are scalable and sustainable in the long term as business models, so that your data and your business are effectively protected.

At Amity, we are conscious of the importance of being a trusted social features provider with a focus on stability and reliability. With millions of monthly active users, social, chat and video features, Amity Social Cloud is designed to empower businesses with seamless user engagement and interactive experiences that can be customised toward different audiences and styles. As an experienced player in the social field, we know how important data migration is and the pain that it might involve.

Aware of these situation, we developed Amity’s GetSocial Migrator Tool, an essential tool tailored to address your migration needs when moving to Amity. With just a few simple steps this powerful command-line tool makes the transition smoother and easier. Our migration tool supports user migration, approved entities, labels to tags conversion, user profile avatars, and more. Let’s see the details and get started!


To use GetSocial Migrator, you will need the following:

  • App ID of GetSocial
  • API Key of GetSocial
  • The identifier key used to identify the user identity in GetSocial (such as ‘email’)
  • The region of the Amity Social Cloud system where your app is located
  • Your API key for the Amity Social Cloud system
  • Your Admin Token for the Amity Social Cloud system

Note: If you haven’t already registered for an Amity account, we recommend following our comprehensive step-by-step guide in the Amity Portal to create your new network.

Start Migration

To use GetSocial Migrator, you will need the following:

1. Clone the GetSocial Migrator repository

2. Install the required dependencies using the following command

3. Launch the migrator tool by using the below command

4. The tool will then prompt you for the necessary details to facilitate migration.

  • GetSocial App ID
  • GetSocial API Key
  • GetSocial Auth Identity (such as ‘email’)
  • Amity Social Cloud Region
  • Amity Social Cloud API Key
  • Amity Social Cloud Admin Token

5. Once all these details are filled in, the system will prompt you to select the group you wish to migrate. Upon selection, it will be created as a Community in Amity Social Cloud with its associated members, posts, comments, and reactions. You will see the following image:

Prompt to select the group you wish to migrate

6. Review your Amity console and you will find all of the groups already migrated from GetSocial

Amity console

Key Features & Considerations

The Amity’s GetSocial Migrator tool operates under certain specifications and limitations. Migration support includes users, approved entities, and activity properties. Labels from GetSocial are converted to tags in Amity Social Cloud, and user profile avatars uploaded to GetSocial are migrated and re-uploaded to Amity Social Cloud. Unsupported entities include topic and poll posts, reactions on comments, multi-level comment replies, and followers migration. Some of the specification are as follows:

  • Users Migration: The migration tool operates on a group-by-group basis. Consequently, users who aren’t associated with any group cannot be migrated.
  • Approved Entities: Only approved members and posts are migrated.
  • Unsupported Entities: Topic and poll posts aren’t supported.
  • Partial Migration: Action buttons and mention data from GetSocial aren’t migrated.
  • Unsupported Reactions: Reactions on comments aren’t supported.
  • Unsupported Comment Replies: Multi-level comment replies using target aren’t migrated.

Documentation and Amity’s GetSocial Migrator tool can be found in the beta_version branch.

Final Thoughts

By following these steps, you can easily migrate your groups, users, user followers, comments, and post’s reactions data from the GetSocial system to Amity Social Cloud. This powerful tool makes the transition smoother and accelerate your times, so you can rest assure that your most social data will get migrated weeks ahead of the 1st of October 2023. Moreover, you will have sufficient time to adapt to the features that Amity’s diverse social, chat and video environment can provide to you.

Let the community revolution come to you and enjoy all the perks of having a reliable, innovative and high growth partner for achieving your best level for online social experience.