Amity Social Feature Video PostsAmity Social Feature Video Posts
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New Social Feature: Video Posts

Amity Team
Amity Team
August 1, 2021
Amity Team
August 1, 2021

Video post is the newest addition to post types in Amity Social Cloud. Joining our previous post types; text, file, and image.

Video posts allow users to upload videos on all types of feeds. It's a great way to engage your audience and will greatly enhance the social experience of your users.

Video post feature in Amity Social Cloud

Video posts are one of the most engaging social post types available, due to their visual nature. Videos are much easier to consume than text and can generate more interaction by the content creators and their audience. Allowing users to post videos is a great way to generate interaction and really make your application feel personal. User-generated content helps build a stronger community by giving users the power to talk about their interests in new ways. This helps drive views and engagement in your application.

With video posts, we have made it easy for you to integrate this feature into your application. The feature update includes; individual video posts, gallery video posts, video thumbnails, and the ability to preview the video before posting. You can choose to add this feature in your own way, be it to allow users to post videos on global feeds, group feeds, or their own user profiles. Video posts also come fully loaded with our regular post features such as comments, reactions, and post review.

Visit the Amity Social Cloud Docs for more information on this new feature.

Amity Social Cloud Docs
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