What's New in Amity Social Cloud, April 2024

Welcome to this month's update of Amity Social Cloud! We're excited to share the latest updates of Amity Social Cloud.


Introducing Live Chat UIKit

We're excited to introduce Live Chat UI as part of our ongoing UIKit 4.0 update, featuring a transformative update that utilizes the declarative UI frameworks - Jetpack Compose for Android, SwiftUI for iOS, and React for web development. This major release not only aligns our SDK with the most advanced UI development frameworks but also enhances the usability and performance of your applications across all platforms.

In this release, our focus is on delivering pre-built components to help you quickly build livestream chat experiences within your app. Do keep a look out as we will be rolling out similar updates for group chats and 1-1 conversations in the future.

For now, here’s what you can expect from the Live Chat UIKit 4.0:

Unified Approach Across Platforms: Live Chat UIKit 4.0 supports the latest declarative UI frameworks, ensuring that your applications benefit from the most innovative UI technologies whether they run on Android, iOS, or the web.

Enhanced Simplicity and Efficiency: By adopting Jetpack Compose, SwiftUI, and React, Live Chat UIKit 4.0 simplifies the UI development process. Developers can now define what the UI should look like without delving into the rendering specifics by using our provided configurations—streamlining development workflows and minimizing the potential for errors.

Reusability and Flexibility: With Live Chat UIKit 4.0, code reusability becomes the norm, not the exception. Define components once and use them across different parts of your application, enabling a more modular and maintainable codebase by our pages, components, and elements on Live Chat UIKit 4.0.

Boosted Performance: Expect smoother and more responsive applications. These enhancements provide a seamless user experience, essential for retaining users and maintaining engagement.

Livestream Chat UI Components & Configurations: Quickly integrate livestream chat functionality into your app with our newly designed UI components, dark & light mode configurations, comprehensive customization settings for brand alignment, and a responsive React UIKit for consistent, engaging cross-device experiences. Our new components include:

  • Livestream chat panel
  • Message bubbles
  • Compose bar
  • User mentions
  • Reply threads
  • Report message
  • Chat actions such as copy, paste, and delete

Please view our documentation for more information.

If you have any questions, head over to our developer forum. It's a helpful space to get answers, connect with peers, and access valuable information. We're happy that you've made it this far. Until next month, we hope you have a great one.

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