What's New in Amity Social Cloud, March 2024

Welcome to this month's update of Amity Social Cloud! We're excited to share the latest updates of Amity Social Cloud. These new features have the intention of improving and complementing the Flutter experience. Let’s have a look into the latest additions!


Introducing SDK post impressions for Flutter

Now, tracking your post's performance just got easier! With our new feature, you can mark your posts as viewed, gaining insights into impressions, reach counts, and even see the users who've engaged with each post. It's a game-changer for understanding your content's impact! Please see more details here.

Product Enhancements

New query parameter for query community members

We're constantly evolving our Flutter SDK & UIKit to offer more functionalities. Here's a glimpse of what's new:

  • SDK now allows querying global feeds based on custom rankings and querying community categories, please find more information here for global feed query and here for community categories query.
  • Stay up-to-date with real-time updates on post objects and collections automatically, please find more information here.

New frontend components added to Flutter UIKit:

  • Comments page with features like replies, mentions, editing, and reactions.- Users can now edit their comments and express emotions with reaction emojis, fostering dynamic engagement within the community.
  • Easily edit posts within the app.-  Enable users to quickly update content for clarity and relevance. This intuitive feature ensures that users can maintain the accuracy of their posts with ease, enhancing the overall quality of content shared within the community.
  • Review post feeds with options to approve or decline.- With options to approve or decline posts, moderators can ensure that only high-quality, relevant content is showcased, promoting a vibrant and engaging community environment.
  • Seamless user profile viewing and management of follow requests.- This streamlined process facilitates community engagement and inclusivity by providing profile insights and seamlessly integrating new members into the community.

Feel free to test the new UIKit enhancements by following the documentation, and starting experiencing a more complete community experience.

React Native UIKit Updates

We’ve released more components for our React Native UIKit! In this update, you’ll be able to build the following features in your app quickly with our ready-to-use UI components:

  • Manage community members.- Efficiently oversee community membership roles and interactions, simplifying administrative tasks. This feature streamlines community management, ensuring a well-organized environment.
  • Update community profile.- Easily modify community details such as descriptions and logos, maintaining accurate representation. This ensures alignment with community objectives and enhances user experience.
  • Delete community.- Seamlessly dissolve or merge communities as needed, facilitating administrative tasks and organizational clarity within the platform.
  • Poll posts.- Engage members in discussions and decision-making with interactive polls on various topics. Gather feedback and enhance community engagement effortlessly.
  • List of users who reacted to post & comments.- Gain insights into community sentiment with a comprehensive list of user reactions. Tailor content and initiatives to align with member interests effectively.

Don’t wait more and get a look of our new UIKit enhancements by following the next documentation.

If you have any questions, head over to our developer forum. It's a helpful space to get answers, connect with peers, and access valuable information. We're happy that you've made it this far. Until next month, we hope you have a great one.

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