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Introducing Social Insights: AI-Powered Tool for Enhanced Community Engagement

Social Insights is now available on Console. Leverage first-party data in real-time to shape user engagement strategies, track campaign effectiveness, and understand your users like never before.

As Amity is evolving, our mission stays the same: Powering positive digital experiences and communities. We see the importance of first-party data ownership in ensuring a positive community experience while unlocking limitless opportunities for community builders. So we began with Social Analytics, where users are able to look into real-time engagement data and analytics.

But we want to go further, we want to elevate the way our customers understand their communities. That is why we’re excited to bring you Social Insights, the newest offering from Amity to take data analysis to new heights with powerful AI tools.

Elevating the way you understand your community 

User interactions aren’t just about numbers; they're the backbone of meaningful engagement and informed decisions. To truly connect with your audience, understanding user behavior must extend far beyond mere acknowledgment. It's about delving into the underlying emotions driving their interactions. It’s the why behind user interactions. 

Social Insights embodies this philosophy by integrating advanced analytics, AI-powered insights, and actionable recommendations to help businesses understand what users really want and why they need them.

Keep a finger on the pulse

Our approach in leveraging AI-powered insights and recommendations allows you to collectively analyze every user interaction in real-time without needing to manually inspect each post. Allowing you to respond promptly to market changes and identify current and anticipate emerging trends. 

Prioritize areas of focus

By understanding user emotions, you can accurately pinpoint areas of focus and prioritize them effectively. And to prioritize them effectively, you need to measure and adjust your methodology accordingly. 

Putting it all together and keep iterating

Now it really is simple, put it all together and keep iterating. Each of these elements are parts of a very powerful whole in creating a strong and meaningful community. It is crucial to understand user emotions to improve user experience and satisfaction. Identifying competitive trends is equally important to gauge market position and adjust engagement strategy. Plus, measuring effectiveness helps you iterate your strategy and optimize what your users need most. 

It’s all about balancing these insights to ensure that your strategies are both trend-forward and community-centric. This is where Amity’s Social Insights steps in. So let’s take a deeper look into how Social Insights tools help you better understand your community.

Analyze: Take Your Data Analysis to New Heights with Powerful AI Tools

Topic Analysis

Instantly see which topics are gaining traction to stay informed about what's currently capturing your user's attention. Plus, monitor how often users post about specific topics to identify patterns and anticipate emerging trends.

Sentiment Analysis

Truly understanding user emotions is key in fostering meaningful user-brand connections. Our Sentiment Analysis provides a comprehensive overview of user emotions through aggregated sentiment across all topics. Or, deep dive into specific user sentiments for each topic, uncovering what resonates positively or negatively with your audience.

Content Insights

Gain a thorough and deeper understanding of user sentiments with AI-powered recommendations without needing to manually inspect each post. Quickly grasp the essence of discussions with concise summaries, dive into the emotional undertones of user interactions, and receive custom strategies to enhance user engagement.

Research: Unlock Next Level Insights with GPT-Powered Research

Research Prompt

Dig deeper into the why by simply typing a question or get started with our prompt templates. For more tailored research, set custom date and time parameters.

Research Result and Chat

Unlock personalized community insights by our detailed research reports including methodology. Additionally, uncover more by asking follow up questions and download final reports for comprehensive learning.

Content Reference

Access original user-generated content cited in research, including citations and links. Easily view original content by clicking on citations and explore history of research questions.

Social Insights helps you easily connect with your community and foster a positive community experience. Contact our team today to see it in action!

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