Introducing New Ways for Businesses to Monetize with Premium Ads

Launching Premium Ads, empowering communities with personalized ads to enhance revenue potential and meaningful engagement.

In today's digital landscape, businesses are in a constant battle for user attention. With countless ads bombarding users daily, cutting through the noise feels nearly impossible. Businesses invest significant resources in social media and online advertisements, only to see their messages lost in the flood of content. They face two big challenges: making genuine connections with their audience and converting engagement into revenue. 

Today, we are sharing a new way for businesses to enhance their community engagement and monetization opportunities with Premium Ads. Premium Ads enable businesses to create and showcase targeted, personalized ads within Amity Social Cloud Console. This approach allows businesses to maintain control over ad placement, optimize user experience, and explore opportunities with brand partners and sponsors.  

Customization and Control

Premium Ads offer unparalleled customization and control, providing flexibility in how ads appear and where they are most effective. Create unique ad placements tailored to your app’s design and user flow to maximize visibility and engagement without compromising user experience. 

Design Ad Content

Create ads for your community posts, comments, and stories by uploading an image, input a name, and add short and long text.

Select Specific Community Placements

Choose up to 20 specific communities that align with your targeted audience to maximize engagement.

Set Dates and Adjust Ad Frequency

Set start and end date, choose time for when ads will be displayed, and select ads frequency.

Preview Ads and Repeat 

See the look and feel of your personalized ads, publish, and analyze engagement.

Great Ads Feel Native to the Platform

While there’s no magic formula for making a great ad, there are identifiable characteristics to a great and successful one. Ads that enhance user satisfaction, garner user interest, and foster positive brand perception are often non-intrusive ads that seamlessly integrate into user experiences. They are consistent to their brand identity across all touchpoint within the community. With Premium Ads, you can inject personalized, non-intrusive ads directly from our UIKit. 

Foster Meaningful and Genuine Engagement

To build meaningful connections, ads should be relevant and specific to your community. This means tailoring ads to different stages of user journey—awareness, consideration, and conversion. Ensure widespread visibility during the awareness stage, customize content to match community interests during consideration, and prompt immediate action in the conversion stage to drive sales effectively. 

Interested in Premium ads and want to learn more? Contact our team to see Premium Ads in action! For more detailed information, you can also access our comprehensive Premium Ads documentation to get started.

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