What's New in Amity Social Cloud: May 2024

Welcome to this month's Amity Social Cloud update! We're eager to showcase the newest features designed to enhance your Amity experience.

Here is what’s new this month 🤩

  • Console - View Active & Expired stories on Console
  • Console - Livestream Moderation on Console
  • UIKit - Live Chat UIKit 4.0: Custom Reactions 

View Active & Expired Stories on Console


We’ve added Active Stories and Expire Stories tab to the Console, enabling community managers to keep track of all posted stories with options to view images or videos, hyperlink, comments, reactions, and delete active stories.

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Livestream Moderation on Console


We now support livestream moderation on Console. You can customize moderation sensitivity under categories like Pornographic, Violence, Prohibited, Inappropriate, and Profanity. Contact our support team for activation at $0.135 USD per minute.

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Live Chat UIKit 4.0: Custom Reactions 


We’ve rolled out multiple reactions! Select from a set of 5 reactions for users to express themselves along with a quick reaction component for seamless engagement in live stream chats. 

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