Amity Social Cloud: Realtime EventsAmity Social Cloud: Realtime Events

New Social Feature: Realtime Events

Amity Team
Amity Team
January 5, 2022
Amity Team
January 5, 2022

Engaging users and keeping them updated on the latest events is crucial to building a successful online community.

Because of this, Amity now supports updating various models through real time events whenever there is a status change in either community events, posts, comments, and user events.

Realtime events in an online community

For example, whenever a user updates their profile, this can be reflected automatically in another user’s device. This update will also be reflected in the same collection/community that the user is currently observing and participating in. Users can subscribe and unsubscribe to any particular topic to get updates, but they have to be a “member” of the community in order to perform these actions.

Visit the Amity Social Cloud Docs for more information on this new feature.

Amity Social Cloud Docs
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