Amity Social Feature Follow and UnfollowAmity Social Feature Follow and Unfollow

New Social Feature: Follow & Unfollow

Amity Team
Amity Team
August 1, 2021
Amity Team
August 1, 2021

Allowing users to follow each other is a fundamental part of social networks. This creates a relationship between users within the platform. With the introduction of Follow & Unfollow users will not only be able to follow other users but also determine the visibility and the accessibility of data in user feed and global feed data. This new feature also comes with follow status and connection counter functionalities.

Follow and unfollow feature in Amity Social Cloud

Our new Follow & Unfollow features are not only beneficial for the engagement on your platform but will also create a more personalized experience for your users, by feeding relevant user-generated content to users that have established a connection. In addition, a user's follower count is not only a big factor in the decision of what account to follow on a social platform, it also packs valuable data to inform you what is popular on your platform. A higher number of followers means the user has more people paying attention to their posts on that platform and may have more shared interests with those followers.

In Amity Social Cloud there are now two ways for users to create relationships with other users and this connection method will be applied to every user in the network.

Interface for user to accept or decline a follow request

With request process

This means that when a user sends the Follow action to the target, the system will send the request to the target user. Until the target user accepts the follow request, a connection will not yet be established.

Without Request process

This means that when a user sends the Follow action to the target, the system will automatically establish a connection between two users.

Visit the Amity Social Cloud Docs for more information on this new feature.

Amity Social Cloud Docs
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