Attract, engage, and retain in-app users

Get in-app communities up and running using Amity Social SDK. Enable plug-and-play social features using supercharged social APIs and see preference-based groups thrive within your platform.

In-app communities using Amity Social SDK
Let users create in-app profiles

Let your users express themselves

Provide a space for users to promote themselves and express their individuality. With their in-app Profiles, they can show bits and pieces of their lives, connect with people who share the same interests, and build their reputation among like-minded peers.

Follow users

Keep your users updated by letting them follow fellow users on your platform.

Tag @users

Make sure your users don’t lose each other in large community Groups by letting them tag each other.

Personal Timelines

Allow users to express themselves by sharing posts, images, and other media on their timeline, with which other users can interact.


Engage your users with personalized content

Use Amity Social SDK to aggregate all the posts from your user and their friends in one Newsfeed. Let them create engaging content and share it with others through comments and likes.


Centralize content on the Newsfeed, so your users can get the latest updates from their groups and people they follow, all in one place.


Let users express themselves by sharing posts, images, and other media on their timeline and interact with others using Comments.


Let users react using emojis, stickers, or thumbs up to messages, posts, and Comments visible in their social Feeds.

Use Amity Social SDK to aggregate all the posts from users in one Newsfeed
Enable an in-app community in both public and private in-app groups

Create a virtual community platform

Build lively communities where your users can engage with one another and post their ideas. Use Amity Social SDK to enable your communities to voice their thoughts in both public and private in-app Groups.

Join Groups

Users can join like-minded interest Groups to explore content based on their preferences, generate their own, and stay updated.

Media attachments

Enable file-sharing on your users' in-app Groups, where they can exchange pictures, videos, and audio.

Official and Private Groups

Increase brand awareness and build connections with users through both Official and Private Groups.

Secure and scalable

Admin Panel

Handle massive amounts of content swiftly with our sophisticated moderation system.


Host unlimited connections, messages, and users with Amity Social Cloud. Don't limit your room to grow!


Rapidly deploy Amity Social Cloud with an uptime SLA guarantee of 99.9%.


At Amity we are fully committed to being compliant and help our customers to understand these regulations.


Amity modules are ready to use — the only things left to do are integration and frontend.


Amity Social Cloud provides feature rich SDKs with functionality that would take years to build in-house.

UI Kit

Going the extra mile, Amity's UI Kit allows endless customizations and an upgradable UI, making it easy to add social features to your app!

UI kit for in-app social features

Powering social experiences for 10M+ end users

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