Build your white-label in-app community with Amity

Save time with a pre-built community app features that you can easily customize to meet your app's unique requirements.

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Abstract visualization of White label social network

Launch faster with Amity Social Cloud

Build feeds, groups, forums, and profiles in your app – without the hassle of building a community app from scratch.

White label group forum

Groups & Forums

Enable users to engage with each another and share their thoughts.

White label timeline feed

Activity Feeds

Let users post content in groups for other users to interact with.

White label social media user profile

User Profiles

Let users create their own profiles to follow, and interact with others.

Abstract visualization of a social network

No need to build from scratch

Leave the hassle of building, maintaining, solving bugs, and security concerns behind by opting for Amity Social Cloud, a trusted solution used by hundreds of companies and millions of users each month.

Total control over your user experience and data
Compliant with privacy regulations such as GDPR
Scalable infastructure that grows with you

Customizable UI Kit for seamless integration

Use Amity's white label social UI Kit to easily customize colors, fonts, icons, and layouts, ensuring that the UI seamlessly integrates with your community app's look and feel.

Social UI Kits
White label social media uikit

Bring the most popular features from social media to your own app

All the essential social features you need to build an engaging community app.

Button that a user can use to join the group

Join Community

Allow users to join the communities of their interest within your app.

Social media feed

Group Feeds

A collection of posts from members of the group or community.

Social media post with comments and reactions

Comments & Reactions

Let users react to posts or comments using text, emojis, stickers, and thumbs up.


What are the advantages of using a white label community app?

Advantages include rapid deployment, brand customization, scalability, user engagement tools, and the ability to create a tailored community experience without the need for extensive development.

How customizable is the community app in terms of features and design?

The community app is highly customizable in terms of features and design, allowing organizations to tailor the app to their specific community engagement needs and brand identity.

Can the community app be scaled as the user base grows?

Yes, the white label community app is scalable and can accommodate growth in the user base, ensuring consistent performance and user experience as the community expands.

What types of communities can be built with the white label community app?

Various types of communities, such as interest-based groups, customer forums, employee networks, and fan clubs, can be built using the white label community app.

How does the community app support user engagement and interaction?

The community app supports user engagement and interaction through features like personalized feeds, user profiles, groups, forums, and interactive tools like comments, likes, and notifications.

How does a white label community app work?

A white label community app works by providing a customizable template that organizations can use to create and manage their online communities, with features like user profiles, groups, and social feeds.

What is a white label community app?

A white label community app is a pre-built application platform that organizations can brand and customize to create and manage online communities. It includes features like groups, forums, and social feeds.

How much does a community app cost?

The cost of a community app can vary based on factors such as the scale of deployment, customization requirements, specific features and monthly active users. For accurate pricing, it's best to reach out to our sales team.

What kind of analytics does the pre-built community app provide?

The pre-built community app provides analytics to track user engagement, content popularity, and other key metrics, helping administrators understand and improve the community experience.

Why use a white label community app?

Using a white label community app is beneficial for rapid deployment, brand consistency, customization flexibility, and avoiding the complexities of building an app from scratch.

What are the moderation capabilities of the community app?

The community app offers robust moderation capabilities, including tools for content moderation, user management, and automated moderation features to maintain a safe and engaging community environment.

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