White-label chat software for your app

Save time with pre-built chat features that you can easily customize to meet your app's unique requirements.

Abstract visualization of White label chat software

Launch faster with Amity Chat

All the white label chat features you need to build engaging chat experiences, without the hassle of building chat software from scratch.

White label chat user interface

1-on-1 & Group Chat

Create private and public channels for users to chat with each other.

White label live chat user interface

Live Chat

Boost app user engagement with real-time live chat.

White label broadcast chat user interface

Broadcast Chat

Send promotional content, updates, or alerts to your users.

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No need to build from scratch

Leave the hassle of building, maintaining, solving bugs, and security concerns behind by opting for our white-label chat software: Amity Chat, a trusted solution used by hundreds of companies and millions of users each month.

Total control over your user experience and data
Compliant with privacy regulations such as GDPR
Scalable chat software that grows with you

Customizable chat UI Kit for seamless integration

Use Amity's white label chat UI Kit to easily customize colors, fonts, icons, and layouts, ensuring that the chat UI seamlessly integrates with your app's look and feel.

Chat UI Kits
White label chat uikit

All the features you can expect from the best white-label chat software

Explore all the essential chat features you need to build engaging instant messaging for your users.

User interface of reactions and emojis


Let users react to chat messages using text, emojis, stickers, and thumbs up.

New message push notification

Push Notifications

Engage users by providing them with real-time alerts on new chat messages.

Chat delivery receipt

Delivery Receipts

Let users know when their chat messages have been delivered or read.


What is white label chat software?

White label chat software is a pre-built chat solution that businesses can use and customize to integrate chat features into their apps or websites. It allows companies to add functionalities like 1-on-1 and group chats, live chats, and broadcast chats without developing these features from scratch.

What are the advantages of using a white label chat software?

The advantages include time and cost savings in development, the ability to customize and integrate seamlessly with existing apps, scalability, compliance with privacy regulations, and access to a range of advanced chat functionalities.

How much does chat software cost?

The cost of chat software can vary based on factors such as the scale of deployment, customization requirements, specific features and monthly active users. For accurate pricing, it's best to reach out to our sales team.

What is chat software?

Chat software is a digital tool that enables in-app messaging. It includes features like text chat, group chat, live chat, and various interactive elements like emojis, stickers, and file sharing, enhancing communication within apps.

Why use white label chat software?

White label chat software is used for its quick deployment, customization flexibility, scalability, and the ability to maintain brand consistency. It eliminates the need for extensive development resources and time.

How does white label chat software work?

White label chat software works by providing a ready-to-use framework that businesses can integrate into their apps or websites. It allows customization of UI/UX to match the brand's style and offers various chat functionalities.

Can white label chat software be integrated with existing apps?

Yes, white label chat software can be integrated with existing apps. It is designed for easy integration and customization to align with the app's existing design and functionality.

What kind of support does Amity provide for its white label chat software?

Amity provides comprehensive support for its white label chat software, including technical assistance, customization guidance, and ongoing maintenance and updates.

Is the white label chat software customizable in terms of design and functionality?

Yes, the white label chat software is highly customizable in both design and functionality. Businesses can tailor the user interface and choose the features that best fit their needs.

What are the security features of Amity's white label chat software?

Amity's white label chat software includes robust security features like compliance with GDPR and other privacy regulations, data encryption, and secure hosting to protect user data and communications.

Can the chat software handle large volumes of users and messages?

Yes, the chat software is scalable and can handle large volumes of users and messages, ensuring reliable performance even as the user base grows.

Are there analytics and moderation tools available with the chat software?

Yes, analytics and moderation tools are available with the chat software, providing insights into user engagement and tools for content moderation and community management.

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