Amity FAQ

How does Amity calculate video service minutes?

Video Service Minutes are calculated as the total number of minutes the viewers view on all videos within an Amity Social Cloud account - the minute views units are separated into 3 types depending on video resolution the viewer views at - SD (720p or less), HD (720p) and FHD (1080p) - and are charged at different rate. All minute-view charges are rounded up to the nearest minute. For example:

Account A: Created a live stream for 30 minutes, there are 700 viewers who view from start to the end in 480p resolution, with another 500 viewers joined at the 13-minute mark until the end in 720p resolution. Amity Video charges will be as followed:

SD Minute View: 700 viewers * 30 minute / view = 21,000 minute-views

HD Minute View: 500 viewers * 17 minute / view = 8,500 minute-views

SD Minute View Charge: $0.0014 / minute-view * 21,000 minute-views = $29.4

HD Minute View Charge: $0.0034 / minute-view * 8,500 minute-views = $28.9

Total Charge: $29.4 + $28.9 = $58.3

Please note that this example does not take into account any minute-views credit Account A may have. If Account A has any minute-views credit it will be deducted from the Minute-View before calculating the charge.

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