Integrated social features that were built using a SDK

SDKs: The secret to fast-growing apps

Whether it’s improving user interface elements within your app, adding and integrating advanced functionality within the platform, or just using an existing application to accelerate an app's growth, SDKs are capable of doing it all. Read more to find out why SDKs are the supercharged solutions for your app.

With apps scaling too fast (and too furiously aggressive) every day, integrating software development kits (SDKs) can efficiently and effectively elevate your application through no to minimal coding. 

SDKs extend the functionality of an application by providing pre-written code or libraries that developers can use. As a result, they have become an integral part of app creation, as they significantly speed up the development process, hence saving time, money, and effort. 

SDKs provide pre-written code or libraries that developers kan use.

How can integrating SDKs benefit you?

There are many benefits to integrating SDKs than building features on your own: 

Streamlined integration

By integrating an SDK with an existing tech stack, they can aid in expediting the integration process. Because a specific SDK has its tools, codes, and APIs, you can make your app more efficient and more dependable since it can add new features and updates faster. 

In addition, SDK also provides a direct connection to native features, which allows seamless integrations. Doing so allows the developers to instead focus on improving and growing the app.

Accelerated deployment

SDKs already made publicly available by all the best platforms speed up deployment by eliminating the need to write code from scratch. Further, with custom-coded features, such as data gathering, notifications, crash reports, and much more, SDKs can truly make development life easier and faster for your team. 

For example, you want to add in-app social features like feeds and profile to your iOS app. Instead of asking your developers to write the code for a specific functionality from the ground up, they can use a pre-built social SDK, such as Amity Social Cloud SDKs for iOS, instead to speed up your process while you continue improving your app.  

Minimized threats

SDKs let you take control over the elements of your user interface that appear in other apps. With this, you can determine how to integrate your product with other apps and how it looks. At the same time, it can help ensure the security of the most critical functions to prevent tampering and a possible detriment to the end-user.

Increased audience

We all know it’s tough to compete in the app market. What’s even more challenging is getting your app out there and gaining traction from users and from the app stores like Apple and Google Play and other developers looking to expand the reach of their apps. 

With an SDK that allows a generous amount of functional compatibility, you improve the chances of other tools wanting to integrate with your app, which will lead to increased exposure for your application. 

Customized solution

Many helpful tools and functionalities can make your app more versatile at an affordable cost. With that, you can create unique but relevant app experiences tailored to your app users’ needs through the SDK. Adding these features gives your app a purpose and design. 

And without a doubt, an optimized app experience boosts app retention and app usage

Start scaling your apps with Amity Social Cloud SDKs

Developer Priyesh Jain made a case on using SDKs than building features on your own.

“SDKs are meant to provide developers with the expertise and solutions they need, and to get them up and running quickly and easily”

he shared. 

“If you are building a new app and want to separate yourself from the crowded mobile landscape — but don’t have the resources to build everything yourself — it just might be time to look to SDKs to give you the features you need to grow and excite your users”

he added. 

The technologically advanced world we live in today means you have all the right tools at your disposal. Choosing the best SDK to help reach your goals can be crucial in growing your app, promoting in-app engagement, and increasing user retention

Solutions like Amity Social Cloud and its easy-to-integrate SDKs, such as Instant Messaging SDK, can help you build a robust, well-rounded platform while providing the flexibility to customize your app based on what you and your users’ needs.


Amity Social Cloud can help provide scalable solutions to allow you to integrate functions into applications and digital channels — without the hassle of software development. Further, Amity Social Cloud SDKs can enable endless customizations and an upgradable UI, making it easy to add popular features like chat, feeds, groups, bots, and much more to your app and/or website.

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