Add social features to your app

Remain competitive by adding social features to your app

With so many options in the app market, making a difference is a challenging task. Here is why adding a social dimension to your platform can bring you on top of the competition and level up your app's overall performance.

With five million apps available on the market, it's a significant challenge to stay ahead of the competition and make a difference with your app. How can you make your app grow from a good to an excellent one to attract more users? Do you already have the best strategy to boost your app's performance? Let's dive into the subject to understand the key points to follow to differentiate your platform from others on the market and lead your app to success.

Millennials and GenZ are the generations to focus on

Have you thought about including millennials and GenZ into your business strategy? If you haven't heard about them, those two generations are shaping the future of business. Surrounded by technologies since their youngest age, Millenials and GenZ differ from all others, both as individuals and customers.

What your organizations need to remember is their attraction towards online communities. Platforms like Reddit have gained popularity over the last year, with Reddit growing by 30% in a year and surpassing Twitter with 430 million MAU (Monthly Active Users). This platform where users can interact, discuss, debate, and testify is the perfect example of a successful app based on online communities and engaged users.

With so many active in-app communities, Reddit is shaping the future of social platforms. Naturally, it becomes clear that this generation appreciates the opportunity to connect with like-minded peers, anytime and anywhere. They are looking for a place online to define themselves, share an opinion, or get the latest updates touching a subject they appreciate.

And great news! Any app can foster and captivate a community, as long as you give it a social dimension. Whether it is an in-app chat feature, a feed, or a profile, social features in your platform are critical to reaching out to that generation effectively.

Go beyond the usual and make it emotional

Let's think about your brand's image and the customer experience you provide your users with. Are you delivering the best experience to your users to guarantee their satisfaction? Are you giving them a good reason to stay or come back?

It's not about the service or product you offer anymore. What will differentiate you from other apps is your users' experience. It's all about providing them with a unique, social, and personalized experience. Turn users into engaged fans by sparking their interest with the latest news on their feed, letting them meet other members, and feeding their curiosity by enabling them to dive deeper into subjects they are passionate about with a group feature.

Moreover, remember to give your users a voice. Nothing is more reliable from a customer perspective than someone else's opinion on a brand, product, or service. Acknowledge and reward reviews, show your users you are listening, and taking their comments into account.

Creating such a deep and emotional connection with your users will enhance brand loyalty, boost your monetization's opportunity, and put your app on top of the competition.

Unlock your users' full engagement potential

Did you know your users are also your greatest asset? If you wish to level up your app and make a difference in the market, your users will be your biggest strength. By adding a social dimension to your app, you also stimulate your user's creativity and knowledge. 


User-generated content is the most authentic and valuable content in others' eyes as it comes directly from their peers (in this article, we explain how to leverage UGC effectively). So instead of offering them an app where they can walk through and observe, give them the chance to be involved and express themselves. By fostering an active community and making your app social, you give your users a reason to check-in regularly.

For example, instead of solely gathering people around a topic, allow them to connect with different chats (live chats, 1:1, group chats). Replace your anonymous users and enable them to have an identity and create more authentic bonds with like-minded peers. By defining who they are and what they are passionate about, other users will follow the same path and connect with people who are similar to them.

These social features you include in your platform will contribute to better app performances by maximizing customer retention, strengthening user engagement, attracting more users, and increasing your monetization opportunities.

The future is social. People nowadays are spending their time on their phones, connecting through online communities. If you want to reach out to your users and meet their expectations in users' experience, you have to understand them. That's why integrating social elements is crucial if you aim to boost your app's metrics and stay ahead of the competition.

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