Stay connected with your millennial customers

3 ways to stay connected with your millennial customers

Millennials are shaping the economy, and staying aligned and connected with them are the keys to your company’s success. Here are three best practices to reach out to this generation in the best way possible.

After talking about GenZ in our previous post, we now focus on the millennials - a generation equally crucial in transforming the economy. As such, today’s businesses should focus on these two generations as they are now shaping the digital landscape are the new references for customer behavior.

Who are the millennials?

Millennials are individuals born from 1980 to 1996. They grew up in a time of rapid changes and set new priorities and expectations strictly different from previous generations. Together with GenZers, they account for more than half of the global population. It’s only natural that you should include them in your strategy, and connecting with them will be crucial for your company’s success. 

But how do you connect with your millennial customers? Here are three tips to reach this new generation in the best way.

Tip #1: Be mobile-first

First,  if you haven’t updated your platform to fit any mobile or be responsive enough, you are missing out. Millennials do everything from their mobile. You have noticed it while commuting, or while going to a museum, or park, or just about anywhere. 

Millennials are hyper-connected, and it’s a great deal to your business. Nielsen reports 98% of millennials aged 18-24 and 97% of millennials aged 25-34 own and use smartphones regularly. Of course, it doesn’t only matter to create a responsive website. It matters to make your platform match their expectations. The overall attention span is shrinking, with the millennials only a short 12 seconds and Gen Zers even less at 8 seconds. So remember this — this generation wants to get anything in the blink of an eye. It’s a game of speed and seamless experience. Make the content short, easy to read, consistent, and adequate.

‍Tip #2: Get social

‍Millennials are craving a sense of belongingness, especially online, as reflected by the popularity of social media, community platforms, other content sharing applications among this generation. 

MailChimp found that 74% of GenZers and millennials said that belonging to an online community has improved their sense of unity in the world, and 77% said it had improved their overall well-being. About 60% of them answered online community support is essential to them, compared to only 48% of all other generations.

Those numbers are pretty significant and showing the real need for your business to include social features and put efforts into building not only a connection with your users but make them feel like members of a community you created.


Tip #3: Create user-generated content before advertising

‍Millennials are attached to transparency since they have access to any information on the internet. For instance, they are the first to compare prices, quality, or other criteria before purchasing anything. According to My Testimonial Engine, 72% of consumers will not take action until they read reviews. That’s why they are so attached to online reviews, as seen as more authentic and trustworthy than any brand communication or advertising. 

Therefore, this user-generated content is crucial and can only come from a very engaged and trusting crowd. It emphasizes, even more, the matter of creating a deep connection with your customers to develop brand emotions and satisfaction where your users are glad to express their experience with your company to others. Talk to your customers through live chats or on feeds in social media, get closer to them to understand them better, and answer their needs.

Create interaction with your customers through social media, engage with them through various channels, and the closer the relation, the more your community will be willing to create this user-generated content. Don’t forget your customers are the fuel to your business.

Millennials are setting expectations in terms of customer behavior and expectations, and you should put all your efforts into aligning your strategy and offer with that. Indeed, it’s fundamental to understand them and provide them with the best-suited experience. By doing so, you will improve your brand’s reputation, retain your customers, grow your company, and maximize your profit.


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