Possibilities vs. Experiences from Amity’s Development Manager and Product Owner

Possibilities vs. Experiences from Amity’s Development Manager and Product Owner

Julalak Wongpollakrit
June 4, 2021

What’s more important in determining success: past experience or new possibilities? Amity’s Development Manager and Product Owner shares the mindset she brings to work to help make each day a win.

This article is recommended to those who would like to challenge themselves by putting their skills up to the test with those who have more experience than them. There could be millions of factors that assist you in a competition, but today we’ll focus specifically on the idea of possibilities and how it can sometimes be much more valuable than experience to helping you reach your goal.

Fortunately, possibilities are a factor to success that has nothing to do with math (so you are saved if you are not a numbers person).

‘Possibilities thinking; plays a main role here. It includes research, observation, study, questions and, most importantly, a clear thought process! To better visualize this concept, refer to the illustration below. Imagine that Mr. Experienta and I were both thrown into tunnels that Mr. Experienta has been walking in and out of for years. The goal is getting to the exit from the entrance with the shortest amount of time.

As mentioned, Mr. Experienta has spent much more time navigating the tunnels than I have. He did countless ‘trial and error’ tests to understand the route better. Sometimes he made wrong decisions (dash lines), and he took them as lessons learnt (dark lines). As a result, he knows exactly what could go wrong and what would be the consequences. Because of this previous knowledge and experience, you could argue that he is in a much better position in analysing the situation and achieving the goal than me. It should take him just a few minutes from the entrance to the exit, leaving me inside the tunnels like a blind man.

Therefore, rather than fret about practices and getting lessons learnt, I decide to get a map of the tunnels. Researching and studying the entrance, the passages and the exit. I list down all the ‘possibilities’, which in this case are turns, corners and intersections. Each turn gives me different results. Therefore, before I start my little journey inside the tunnels, I will already know how many intersections there are, what options I have and how many decisions I need to make. I will prepare myself and not get frustrated. This makes me become equally as ready to take on the tunnels as Mr. Experienta is at this point.

In conclusion, understanding and knowing possibilities will strengthen your actions and competency against experienced people in this competitive Don’t fret if you feel like you are lacking in experience compared to someone else, because understanding your possibilities can help you achieve your goal just as effectively.

However, having a combination of experiences and possibilities will ultimately give the best outcome. Experiences save us time in planning and possibilities helps us to forecast and predict the consequences. At the end of the day, it’s always best to strive for both.