How to create own personalized rich menu in Amity Bots Platform
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How to create own personalized rich menu in Amity Bots Platform

Rich Menu”, as a Line application tool, is used to create the main menu for the Line Official Account (Line OA). Each Line OA is only allowed to create one rich menu only and It generally shows up on a chat bar below your screen. However, Amity Bots can create personalized rich menus for different groups of users on your Line OA.

When your customers use the Line OA which consists of this Chatbot, it will show the personal rich menu that you set up separately by backend platform system. A Group of customers like this is called ‘Segment’.

To create a group in your Line OA by the tool named Segment in Amity Bots can give you a helping hand. It can categorize each user individually by users’ behavior, for example, a message they frequently send, the button they frequently click on, and the data from the backend system.

After categorized your users, the Amity Bots will automatically create a rich menu on the platform. You can see on a campaign button > rich menu, then you’ll see that it looks similar to the original Line rich menu.

  1. Upload a picture that you want to use for a rich menu, then click ‘save’ to see if the image size applicable to your rich menu or not. (recommended image size is 800 x 450 pixels and maximum file size is 1 MB)
  2. You can choose rich menu templates or create your template by drag and drop to divide the space into sub-menus.

3. Assign sub-menus function.

  • Receive as text:
  • Send template:
  • Open website:
  • Call number:
  • Go to flow:
  • Survey feedback:
  • Share:

Please be reminded to set up a message action of each sub-menus because when users click on the sub-menus, a setup message will show up in ChatBot.

4. Select user segment to connect with the rich menu that you created.

5. Click Save

The next step is using Chatlogic to show up the rich menu when users reach the setup flow on Line OA or change the old rich menu to the new rich menu.

1. Go to the Chatlogic page of the platform, the Chatlogic function’s ability is to make a chatbot flow and chatbot logic.

2. Select node named rich message to drop on flow and logic, you can find it by searching on Google bar above.

3. Select node named rich menu to drop on the flow where you want to display your rich menu or change the rich menu as an example below, I dropped rich menu node on flow welcome to make rich menu automatically display when new customers add Line OA or if you want your rich menu to be changed when the user is in the setup segment and reaches your setup flow, the rich menu will be changed too.

select rich menu

4. Click the node rich message and select the rich menu name you want to display.

5. Click Done and Deploy on your upper right corner.

Congratulations! A rich menu is set up on your Line OA now! furthermore, when your customers use it until they reach your setup flow, you can also use a broadcast campaign to change the rich menu by sending a connected rich menu to users, and then you can personalize the rich menu of each group of your customers.