Developer Kits

Explore Amity Social Cloud UI Kits and Template Apps

UI Kits

Our UI Kits include user interfaces to enable fast integration of standard Amity Chat and Amity Social features into new or existing applications.

Social Kit

Ready-to-use kit for Amity Social that includes pages and components you'll need to create a complete social app. The Social Kit includes pages to display user's personal feed, explore, join and view group feed as well as other user's feed.

Social UI kit

Chat Kit

Ready-to-use kit for Amity Chat that includes pages and components you'll need to create a complete chat app. The Chat Kit includes pages to display user's active channel and chat conversation page.

Chat UI kit

Template Apps

Use our ready made template applications to kickstart your own Amity Social Cloud Project.

Sample App

The sample app is an application that includes all Amity Social Cloud functions into one application and can be used as an example application for developers to learn how to develop each functionality.

Social sample app

Simple Chat App

A simple chat application on web that is designed for both desktop and mobile experiences. The chat app displays a list of active chats of a user on the left inbox panel and the chat conversation on the main panel with the ability to send and receive chat messages.

Simple chat app

Video Chat App

Componentized chat conversation widget that is incorporated alongside a video component. This template app is ideal for users who're looking into adding chat conversation component into exisitng media to enable conversational engagement.

Video chat app

Social Feed App

Simple feed application that includes global feed displaying all contents posted in Amity Social network. You can like, comment and post images as well as view other users' feed. Developers can use this application to build their own feed and user profile page quickly by starting from this ready-made application.

Social feed app