Android Chat UI Kit

Start building in-app messaging with Amity Android UI Kit

Our white-label chat messaging UI Kit for Android will empower you with pre-built chat UI components that offer endless customization options. Build the best possible chat interface while tremendously reducing the development time.

Abstract visualization of Android Chat

Open Source Chat UI Kit for Android

Gain full control over the design and functionality of your chat user interface, by forking our Android Chat UI Kit source code. Customize targeted UX flows, specific views, and respond to user interactions to tailor a user experience specifically for your application.

Android Chat UI Kit


Amity provides all the building blocks you need to integrate chat functionality into your Android app. You can find links to more information and documentation below.

Integrate your Android Chat User Interface

Use Amity Chat SDK to seamlessly integrate chat into your Android app, without the hassle of deploying and maintaining any server infrastructure.

Android Chat SDK
Abstract chat user interface
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