Users of the TrueID app are interacting with each other using white-label social media functionalities.

The future of football fandom: TrueID connects 10M+ with the power of community

From Thailand’s leading digital content provider to the #1 super app, here’s TrueID’s inspiring and ambitious journey with Amity to community-led success.

TrueID is the biggest media & lifestyle provider in Thailand with 25 million monthly active users. A big part of their success is their focus on community. TrueID has partnered with Amity to transform their super app into a community where members can chat, engage, and interact with each other about their favorite content anytime, anywhere. And it all started back in 2018, in the exhilarating atmosphere of the FIFA 2018 World Cup.

Bringing the World Cup magic to live streams 

Football isn’t just a sport. It’s a passion, a lifestyle. It brings together billions of people every four years to cheer on their country during the most viewed sporting event in the world. 

From following the matches through newspapers and radios using just our imagination to the first televised World Cup in 1954, how we watch and interact with sporting events has evolved drastically over time. What used to be limited to giant stadiums can now fit in people's pockets. With smartphones, we can tune in and watch live-stream sports events no matter where we are.

But just because you’re not in the stadium, it shouldn’t mean you can’t be a part of the action and the experience. And this is exactly what TrueID envisioned for the World Cup as they were preparing to stream on their platform.

“While planning for the 2018 World Cup, we wanted to create an engaging experience for our members similar to watching a match in the stadium, giving people the opportunity to cheer on their teams with other fans”

<span id="quote-name" class="text-size-tiny">– Thotsaphon Maytheetanpongwanit, Head of Community, Communications and Commerce at TrueID.</span>

“We had already partnered with Amity for our internal chat tool at the time. We reached out to ask if we could use their chat capability in our live streams both in our app as well as our TV set-top boxes.”

Working with TrueID, we enabled millions to virtually cheer alongside each other during the World Cup with Amity Chat SDK. Seeing how engaged these fans were, TrueID decided to extend these real-time discussion capabilities to the Premier League and other sports events, news, movies, and more.

Utilizing Amity Social Cloud, a live video stream is accompanied by a live chat feature.

From sporadic chat experiences to a permanent in-app community

In 2020, TrueID decided to go further by providing their members a permanent space to actively engage. At this point, we at Amity had just started providing our social and community-building capabilities. It was a perfect solution to the needs of the hour. 

With Amity Social Cloud powering their in-app community, they created safe spaces for members to share and exchange ideas about their favorite content. These engaging social experiences drastically improved the user experience in the TrueID app. 

Interactive groups and communities made with Amity Social SDK

Providing their members an area to freely express themselves made them excited to take part in the community and discuss their favorite TV shows and movies with others. With Amity Social Cloud, TrueID easily integrated features beyond chat like groups, timelines, and polls to keep fans engaged outside of the matches. 


It wasn’t long before TrueID became the most downloaded app in its category. Expanding the social features powered by Amity from the World Cup to the rest of their content helped TrueID transform into Thailand’s #1 super app, a place where people can not only watch quality content, but interact with other people and feel a sense of belonging. 

A strong community of 10M+ bringing daily engagement to TrueID

With these new social features powered by Amity Social Cloud, TrueID was able to grow a strong community on their platform, enriching the experiences of their members and gaining valuable customer feedback for their teams to improve their services even more.

And the results speak for themselves. “We’ve been seeing a 15% month-on-month growth in the number of active members in our community, with their engagement rates also growing at 30% on average” Maytheetanpongwanit explained.

Outcomes from the implementation of social functionalities on the TrueID app

“Working with the Amity team over the years has been a true pleasure. With such active support from their technical and community teams, we see them as our partner working alongside us to help us reach our goals. I look forward to working with Amity to continue improving the experiences of our members.” 

Check out our website to see how we can help you transform your platform into a vibrant digital community with Amity’s pre-built social features.


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