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Top 10 reasons every product manager should consider in-app communities

Are you a product manager looking to future-proof your app, boost metrics, and cut down on costs? We have the secret to long-term user engagement and retention in a cost-effective, data-driven method for app success!

All of the product managers we know are constantly on the lookout for innovative ways to boost user experiences and drive app success. One strategy that companies are building their products around in recent years is in-app communities, which involves adding social features inside an existing app to foster user engagement and interaction. 

The impact of in-app communities is undeniable, with statistics showing a 35% increase in engagement, 40% improvement in user retention, a 30% boost in organic user acquisition, and a remarkable 2.8x increase in revenues. 

If you're a product manager, here are 10 compelling reasons why you should seriously consider adding in-app communities to your app.

10 reasons to consider in-app communities for success:

1. Boosting user engagement (35%)

In-app communities provide a dynamic platform for users to connect, share, and discuss topics relevant to your app's niche. Features such as forums, chat rooms, and user-generated content keep users engaged, spending more time in the app, and forming strong connections with other users.

2. Improving user retention (40%)

User retention is a critical metric for the success of any app. In-app communities can help keep users coming back by offering them a sense of belonging and the opportunity to build relationships with like-minded individuals. These connections can turn into long-term user loyalty.

3. Enhancing organic acquisition (30%)

Incorporating in-app communities can create a buzz around your app, prompting users to invite their friends and colleagues. Users who actively participate in the community often become brand advocates, contributing to organic user acquisition and making your app more visible.

4. Increasing revenues (2.8x)

In-app communities open the door to various monetization opportunities. You can offer premium content, run targeted ads, or even introduce direct sales within the community. The result is a significant boost in revenue that can help sustain and grow your app.

5. Real-life success stories

To understand the power of in-app communities, let's look at real-life success stories. Major brands like Airbnb, Reddit, and Discord have all harnessed the potential of in-app communities. Airbnb's host and guest communities, for instance, have become hubs for travelers and homeowners to connect and share experiences, ultimately strengthening Airbnb's brand presence.

6. Cost and resource savings

One of the most appealing aspects of integrating in-app communities is that you can leverage ready-to-use social features. This approach saves time, money, and valuable development resources. Instead of building a community platform from scratch, you can integrate pre-existing solutions, getting you up and running quickly.

7. User feedback and product improvement

In-app communities are goldmines for user feedback. Users readily share their thoughts, concerns, and suggestions within these communities. Product managers can utilize this feedback to make data-driven decisions and improve the app continuously.

8. Fostering brand loyalty and trust

Building a brand that users can trust is essential in the competitive app market. In-app communities can help establish that trust by facilitating direct, two-way communication between your brand and users. Users who feel heard and valued are more likely to remain loyal.

9. Scalability and future-proofing

In-app communities can help future-proof your app by making it more versatile and adaptable. The scalability of a thriving community can accommodate the growth of your user base and ensure your app remains relevant and competitive.

10. Enhancing data-driven decision making

In-app communities can provide valuable insights into user behavior, preferences, and trends. Access to this data allows product managers to make informed decisions about feature updates, content creation, and user engagement strategies, resulting in a more user-centric and effective app.

The future of any app: communities

In-app communities are a powerful tool in the hands of product managers. They not only enhance engagement, retention, and organic acquisition but also lead to significant revenue increases. The savings in terms of time, resources, and the opportunity to foster brand loyalty and trust make in-app communities a compelling addition to any app.

For product managers looking to secure their app's future and tap into a wealth of benefits, adding in-app communities should be a top consideration. 


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